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Email Alerts if video ports get max out in MCU

Is there any way to receive/get email alert from MCU or TMS if video ports gets max out/full.

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Currently there is no way to

Currently there is no way to get an alert such as this, the only way you can really get an alert right now is if you have Conductor in the mix.  Even then, you won't get an email alert, just an alarm in TMS or on the Conductor web interface.  I know it's been been asked for a few times in the forums.

Suggest you contact your Cisco Account Manager and see if they can open a feature request for you to get such an alert added.  It probably won't be on the MCU itself, but through TMS, better than nothing though.


Yes, depending on the MCU,

Yes, depending on the MCU, there is, but it costs money. Vyoptas vAnalytics Real Time Monitoring app will do that and more - we've been using vAnalytcis for a while and is currently trialing the brand new Real Time Monitorig app - absolutely love it. But as I said, it ain't free.


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Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Hi Jens,Even I am looking for

Hi Jens,

Even I am looking for some application to check the real-time port utilization of the infrastructure devices and also, something which can be helpful in finding out the usage statistics of our endpoints. We have been using Prime Colab Manager and honestly we are not very impressed with it. We use a lot of CTS endpoints and so we dont get their usage stats from TMS. 


How does Vyopta fair in this regards? And how expensive their solutions are? You may send me a PM and we can discuss. Dont want to hijack this thread :)




Don't know if they support

Don't know if they support CTS, best thing would be to contact them. As far as pricing goes, all depends on how many modules you want etc - so again, contact them and ask for a demo. These guys are very service minded and a real pleasure to deal with - we are very, very happy with them. :)


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