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Error message when upgrading Cisco webex kit pro


Current version 9.7.1

Trying to upgrade the room kit pro to 9.12.3


[ 0] [* ] Obtaining lock
[ 0] [** ] Determining base directory
[ 0] [*** ] Determining install directory
[ 0] [**** ] Verifying copfile
[ 11] [***** ] Extracting copfile
Failed finding package to install




Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

If you are using the web interface to perform this upgrade there is an issue going from a pre CE9.8.2/CE9.9.1 version due to the file size.

As per the Release Notes, if you need to upgrade one of the older software releases, you will need to do a stepped upgrade to first upgrade to CE9.8.2/CE9.9.1 first (i'd suggest CE9.9.4 as an available version) before trying to go to CE9.10+.

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Hi Wayne.
I'm having the same problem. A brand new (recently unboxed Webex Codec Pro) that we were unable to install last year because of the pandemic. It comes with version 9.7.1. The thing is that versions 9.8.X and 9.9.X are deferred and no longer available for download.

I have tried with versions 9.12.4 and 9.12.5 and it gives the "installation failed" error after processing the file.

Any chance to get deferred versions?





Janower - according to the release notes, if you push the software upgrade from CUCM you won't have this problem - it's only when upgrading via the web GUI. Do you have that option? If so I'd try that.


Hey Patrick.

Thanks for your reply.

Since we don't have these endpoints registered in CUCM, this was not an option.

I ended up googling and downloading an old/deferred version (CE9.9.1) from another source, upgraded to that version (after double checking file hashes), and then to the latest (CE9.14.5).

I know Cisco encourages to keep devices up-to-date, but for cases like these, where the devices were left unboxed for a year, they should at least leave a "viable/middle" version available for download and jump from there.


Thanks again.




        Alejandro Janower

many of those deferred releases were done so due to software vulnerabilities. Because of this particular issue though - they should have one available version that will fix the problem. Glad you got it worked out.