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EX60 integration into existing Telepresence infrastructure

We have an existing Telepresence infrastructure consisting of a Bridge / MCU (MSP200), Tandberg Gatekeeper, and approximately 20 Edge 95MXP endpoints. I would like to get two (and possibly more) EX60 endpoints incorporated into this infrastructure. I was told it wouldn't work.

We are using H.323 for our system. I have the two EX60s connected and can place video calls to them from other endpoints and make calls from them. The functionality that appears missing is the ability to create multiple-call meetings from the EX60s. I can involve them in multiple calls if I set up the meeting on one of the Edge 95MXP Endpoints.

From what I've read, I believe we need a VCS to handle the multiway functionality for the EX60s. What concerns me is how a VCS device will integrate with our existing Gatekeeper - MCU infrastructure.

Can anyone provide any suggestions or insight whether just adding a VCS to our current system collection will work or will we have to redesign the controls? VCS recommendations?

OR, if anyone has advice or knowledge of how to make the EX60s work with our current system as-is, that would be even better.

Many thanks,

Joel Milford


EX60 integration into existing Telepresence infrastructure

Hi Joel,

VCS and MCU can be integrated together and call can be placed.  EX60 need to be registered to VCS.

You also need to change the configuration on endpoints which you want to be in multiway call.

xConfiguration NetworkServices MultiWay Address: " XXXXX@XXXXXXX"

Please find the link to this deployment guide.

In case you face issues with deployment open TAC case for assistance.




EX60 integration into existing Telepresence infrastructure

Hi Joel! In addition to Amlesh,

I can recommend replacing BK/GK with VCSs. Its much nicer to work with them and

you have the benefit of using SIP which is becoming more and more important.

A VCS-C would replace the old gatekeeper, I do not recall that you loose any features,

but its plenty of new ones which you gain

(like multiway, a wide range of integration capabilities (sip trunks, lync, ...), capability to add

JabberVideo, findme, ...)

Some thoughts in general

* upgrade the MPS to a Cisco/Codian MCU is also a good idea, not sure how happy you will be with the MPS on the mid/long run, ask your Cisco TelePresence partner for a demo!

* SX20 and EX90, C40, ... have multisite integrated or can be enabled via a license, maybe buying them instead of the ex60 makes sense if local multisite is a requirement

* as you mentioned, a workaround can be to just use other systems with multisite if needed

* you could also define personal meeting rooms on the MPS and instead of automatically escalating the call to the MCU the ex60 users just tell the remote party "hey, lets meet up in my virtual meeting room"

* you might want to review your dialplan and how the systems are registerd, for today's usage it should be, often its just a e164 number or non uri formed h323 alias

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EX60 integration into existing Telepresence infrastructure

You may deploy VCS by configuring H323 neighbor link between GK without making many changes on existing deployment.

However please note that MPS200/MPS800 are not officially support as MCU for Multiway call (although it works...) hosting infrastructure device.

Multiway currently support with 4200/4500 series MCU, 8420/8510 MCU blade with 3.1 or newer release and 5300 series MCU with 4.3 or newer release software version.


EX60 integration into existing Telepresence infrastructure

Amlesh, Martin, Tomonori,

Thank you very much for your replies! Very helpful!


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