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EX60 System Upgrade Failed

Hi everybody!!

     I recently upgraded my CUCM to version, and my EX60 to TC 5.1.2. When I try to register directly the EX60 on my CUCM, appears to be UNKNOW status, but later, the EX60 starts a new "System Upgrade", and after a few seconds, apears to be failed this upgrade.

     Do you ever seen this status? I need your guidance to understand the process of the EX60. I don´t know if he tries to connect to internet (I already do a new policy in my ASA in order to give to the EX60 free access) but the results be the same... "System Upgraded failed. Please contact your administrator" and have 2 options, Postpone 6 hours or Upgrade Now.

     There is a picture of the error shown in the touchpanel and in the main screen.IMG_2390[1].JPG


     Any ideas??




Hi Enrique,

Please check your TFTP server and verify the cop file which is present for Ex60 Profiles. It is possible that the cop file is incorrect and that's the reason you're facing this issue. If possible, just provide us with the name of the file and we will verify if it is the correct one.

FYI, the filename for the latest upgrade for Ex60 should be like this :


It can be downloaded from this link :


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

Hi Mubashshir!!!

Thank you for the recommendation, right now my CUCM does not have the CMTERM file, I try to download from the URL that you kindly suggest, and appears to be corrupted or failed.

Do you have any other source to download this file?

I upgraded the EX60 to the TC 5.1.3 and the "System Upgrade Failed" message no longer appears.

But still with the registration issue, I will try to find another source to download the file, or I will try with the newest device pack.

I´ll try this one tonight, I´ll post my results later.

Thanks again for your support!!

Best Regards,


Hi Enrique,

I am not sure why it did not work with the link. When you informed that the link is corrupted, I tried it myself and it was not working.

Use the following link below and then download this file (cmterm-s52000tc5_1_3_292001.cop.sgn) from the link :

Once you have done that, try and share the results.


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

Hello Mubashshir!!

I download the file from the Cisco repository, and correctly installed on my CUCM, also installed the newest device pack.

In the Device-->Device Settings-->Device Defaults menu, in the EX60 line, appears the load information (


In order to register the EX60 on the CUCM using the provisioning wizard, the EX60 can not find the CUCM (IP address or name).

I need to activate "autoregistration on the CUCM? Because I already create the EX60 on the CUCM but it doesn´t work. I follow all the instructions and appears the same error (unknown status on the CUCM and failed registration on the EX60).

I attach a picture of the touchpanel with the error message.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,


Hi Enrique,

I have tried to register EX60 at TC5.1.3 to CUCM 8.6.2 with following results.

1.  I did factory reset of EX60 which is at TC5.1.3.

2.  On CUCM, I did not have any phone configured under device tab.

3.  Auto registration is enabled on CUCM.

4.  Under device--> device settings--> device defaults,  I have  "s52000tc5_1_0.pkg".  configured.

5.  After the factory reset, I choose Cisco UCM as infrastructure device and configured the IP address of CUCM.

6.  EX60 was provisioned to CUCM and was registered with a directory number.

7.  I could also get system upgrade failed error, however once i went to device--> phone and i reset the EX60, the unit got downgraded to TC5.1.0.

Everything went good for me.

Please let me know in case you face any issues.



Hola Amlesh!!

I tried your guide and I have the same error, the EX60 doesn´t register on the CUCM, I follow every step of your setup and did not work.

Tomorrow I will continue trying, and post my results.

Thanks again for your support and guidance.

Best regards,


Hi Enrique,

   Please recheck if you have connectivity to your CUCM.

You can telnet/ssh into EX60 and then type "systemtools network ping ipaddressofcucm".

Also if you can turn "log output on"  and then try to register the EX60 again.  We will be able to see the errors in the logs.

Please check the error seen on "xstatus sip".

Note: Do not forget to turn of debug by command  "log output off".

I am sure that we will be able to get the cause for this issue once we have proper logs.



Hi Enrique,

If the steps suggested by Amlesh above do not work for you. Then I would recommend that you open a service request so that we can have proper logs and webex remote session to troubleshoot the issue. We do not encourage customers to paste logs on the Forum.

Once you open a service request, a TAC engineer would troubleshoot so that we can have a closer look on the issue. Besides, if auto registration is not working for you, please try to to create a device profile and try to register to the device and share the results.


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

OK Mubashshir, I´ll open a case on TAC and post my results.

Thanks for your support!!

Best regards,



Has anybody seen this loading error on a EX60 before, the endpoint was switched off for few minutes.

I Have reloaded this EX60, Still it's booting and not coming up.

It was working fine before......

Please guys suggest me something.



Thank You

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