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EX90 and multisite option


We are going to purchase 3 EX90 units.  My question is do I need to purchase the multisite option key (LIC-EX90-MS - EX90 Multi Site Option) to place a 3 way video call with these units?

From what I can find it seems that the option key allows a total of 4 units to be in a video call but if you only have 3 units this option key is not needed.

Currently we do not have VCS-C/E or a MCU.  We will initially set up the units as Direct and place h323 IP calls to each other.  We will look to get a VCS and MCU later if we start adding more of these video endpoints.




EX90 and multisite option

I'm not the expert - so someone might chime in with more specific details, but as I understand it - the MS license enables the internal MCU on the EX90.

Without the license you would not be able to make the 3 way conference call you describe.  You'd be fine for simple point to point calls from one endpoint to the other..but for a multipoint video call - someone has to be the center of the call and be responsible for muxing the video and sending the bridged video channels to each participant.

I dont think this will work without the multisite license.

What i would like to know is:  does the touch screen control pad look different without the MS license? 

There is a button on the control pad that says "add to call"  is this button removed when the license isnt applied?  Or does that button still show up - but if you tried to do a 3 way call would it fail with some kind of dialog box popping up on the screen? 

what is expected behavior when MS license isnt purchased?


Just like tech explained,

Just like tech explained, multisite license gives you the ability to do 3 way video conference call + you as the 4th party. Without the MS option, u can only do Audio conference calls without the capability of the video. I tested it with MX700 and it worked fine with only Audio.

In addition, MCU provides  capability for  more than 3-way Audio conference calls. Also jabber requires MCU to be able to handle video conference calls. Audio calls can work fine. Can someone download the multisite key option from the registration portal tool?

Cisco Employee

Re: EX90 and multisite option


With current software release, with the MS license, Ex90 will support another 3 video sites. With yourself included, you will be in a 4 party multisite call. Without MS option, you can only make point to point call. Touch panel layout looks the same with or without the MS option, you will still see the add call button, but going beyond that, if your system do not have a MS option, add to meeting tab will be grey out and you are not allow to proceed further.

In the next major release(TC5), Ex90 is expected to support additional audio participant irregardless if you have MS option or not. That means, if you do not have MS option, once in a point to point call, you still can add another participant but join them in audio call only.

Hope this is clear

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