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EX90 custom wallpaper push

Is there a way to push a custom wallpaper to all EX90 from TMS? I'm trying to find a way so that I can update the wallpaper on 20 EX90 without logging into each unit and manually upload the a new png file.

Solvieg Pagan
Cisco Employee


Unfortunately there is no way to use TMS to push a custom wallpaper to the system.

If you want the company logo or a custom picture to be displayed on the main screen, you may use a custom wallpaper.

The custom wall paper applies to the main screen only and will not appear on the Touch controller. When you choose a new predefined wallpaper on the Touch controller, it will replace your custom wall paper.

File format and picture size

The picture file format for the custom wallpaper is PNG. The

maximum size is 1920 × 1280 pixels.

Uploading the custom wallpaper file

1. Press


and locate the wallpaper file (.PNG)

2. Press


to save the file to the codec.

Activating the new wallpaper

1. Go to the

Configuration tab and open the the



page. Enter wallpaper

in the search

field. From the drop down list, select


. The new

wallpaper will be displayed on screen.

Best Regards,

Solvieg Pagan

Is there a way to do the HTTP Upload directly with a script? It would help managing many endpoints easier, if this could be done by a script directly.

Regards, Paul


I dont believe that is possible, but i will do more reseach


Solvieg Pagan

I'd like to add my support for this idea - the ability to push wallpapers to all endpoints (not just EX90s) would be a great feature and huge timesaver.  I can't see it being that difficult a feature to impliment.

ok after tinkering with this for a day, figured out a work around.

Use scp to send the wallpaper.png to /user/posters/wallpaper.png

TMS template to switch wallpaper to any other wallpaper then switch it back to custom

Downside of this method is that root access is required.

Rather have a managed way to do this instead of hacking my way through.

Found out that password cant be input as part of the command line for scp. Any other ideas since it's going to be a tedious task when it comes to updating a large number of EX90 wallpaper

Hi everybody,

I have the same problem, but I solved it.

I'm using winscp and I'm calling this via a cmd-script.

Here is everything you need:

winscp.exe /console /command "open root:@%1" "lcd Z:\wallwaper" "cd /user/posters" "rm wallpaper.png" "put Musterwallpaper.png wallpaper.png" "exit"

(%1 means the first given argument to these shell-script and this is the IP-Address.)

But after the successful upload, the Screen shows only a black screen. The system has not been reloaded the wallpaper automatically. Is there a way to initiate a wallpaper reload?

regards jens

I am not sure if there was some format requirement (like file format, resolution, bit depth, ...)

Did not find anything when I just shorly looked.

Did you try to trigger:

xConfiguration Video Wallpaper: none

xConfiguration Video Wallpaper: custom

maybe that helps.

thx for sharing your winscp command +5 for that.

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

Has anyone been able to push and set wallpapers to EX series devices registered to CUCM?  My version of TMS is 14.6.1. CUCM is 10.5.2  I wanted to push via custom template but once I navigate to the endpoint in TMS it states not supported.


with TMS I do not know a way to Provision that.

The problem will be to bring the picture to the unit.

Kind regards

When the endpoint is registered to CUCM, TMS management of endpoints isn't supported.  Even if you could manage the endpoints with TMS, you it's not possible to upload wallpapers to the endpoint, as this has to be done manually by the user using the web interface of the endpoint.


There is no way to push wallpaper to TC or CE endpoints via CUCM either?  I assume in TC or CE, those devices will not query TFTP for the wallpaper, right?



Thank you,
Justin Ferello
Technical Support Specialist, ScanSource KBZ

If you're running TC6.x and earlier you could upload it via SFTP, then enable the wallpaper via the API. For TC7.x and later (including CE software), the only method to upload wallpapers is via the endpoint's web interface.
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