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Expressway C & E migration from BE6M To BE7M UCS Server.

We have Expressway C & E Setup of Software Version X8.10.3 for MRA which is deployed on BE6M server.

Now we are planning to move it to New UCS BE7M Server.

So just i want to confirm if we can follow one one method metioned below or Suggest,

  1. Implement fresh on new UCS Expressway C & E with same configiuration manually and certification again or

  2. Back Up and Restore ( Re-Certification is needed in these case?)

I am looking for a method to move Expressway C & E to new UCS Server without doing the Certification process again.


Thank You,


Thank You

Alok Jaiswal
Cisco Employee

Use the second process. It should keep your certificates and associated private key file.


You can also get the private key manually if you want to play safe by loging via root and navigate to /persistent/certs folder and cope the priv-key file. Certificate you can get from WebUI or on from the same location.




Hello Alok,


Thank you for your reply.


Can you help me with the detail procedure (steps) to move Expressway C & E from BE6M to BE7M with backup and restore.


Thank You.

Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee

Process should be quite simple

1) Install new VM Expressway on BE7K with ova file (same version as Expressway that currently run on BE6k)

2) Install required release key and option key(s) on VM Expressway installed in step 1

3) Go to Maintenance > Backup and restore (Web GUI) on VM Expressway on BE6K and create the system backup file

4) Go to Maintenance > Backup and restore (Web GUI) on VM Expressway on BE7k and upload system backup file that you generated in step 3

Note: Step 2 will involve you getting your licences transferred from the old host to the new host (as they will have different serial numbers).  You should be able to do this by through Ciscp GLO.

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