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Expressway-E Single NIC with NAT

Michael Schmidt



we have one installation of Expressway-C and E where the E has one single NIC with NAT enabled.


The MRA Zone from the C to the E is connected to the Public NAT IP (NAT reflection) and the Zone is working / established.


But the Zone from Expressway E is not connected to the IP of the Expressway-C (internal LAN) but to any IP of the ASA firewall which I think is not correct although with this "firewall ip" the Zone in the E is "green".


At the moment MRA is also NOT working as I think there is still a config failure in the Cisco ASA NAT reflection.


Is it correct that the Zone from the Expressway-E must be established to the internal LAN IP of the Exp-C and not to any firewall IP?





Hi Micheal, you should be configuring the IP address of the expressway core and not the firewall IP in Expressway-Edge. following URL may help you to verify the configuration. Regards, Shalid Please remember to rate useful posts, by clicking on the stars below.

Hi Shalid,


the MRA zone of Exp-C is configured the the FQDN of Exp-E.


The FQDN of Exp-E is acutally confgured to his NAT IP (Public IP) which is described here at page 62:


Is this not correct to configure the MRA Zone of Exp-C to the NAT IP of Exp-E?


And why the Exp-E is not connecting to the IP of Exp-C but to any firewall IP?




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