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Expressway Edge with WebEx Messenger for Jabber - SRV records

We are implementing the following hybrid cloud deployment:

Expressway Core cluster (on prem)

Expressway Edge cluster (on prem)

CUCM cluster (10.5) (on prem)

WebEx Messenger for Jabber (WebEx Cloud)


Do we need to host the xmpp-client SRV records pointed to our SIP domain and Exp Edges or will WebEx automatically create / manage that SRV record?

Do we need to host the collab-edge SRV record pointed to our SIP domain and Exp Edges or will WebEx automatically create / manage that SRV record?

          As of right now we will have no external endpoints proxying from outside the network to CUCM internally.

Do we need cisco-uds SRV records internally even though we won't have a Presence server on prem?

          I know that Jabber actually will register to CUCM but wasn't sure if we still needed the cisco-uds SRV records..

Do we need to configure IM & Presence settings on the Expressway Edges since we won't have an on prem Presence server?


Thank you for the help!!



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To understand what you need

To understand what you need you should understand how jabber works with webex cloud and MRA.

1. jabber does a cas/http lookup and if a webex domain is found, this succeeds
2. Jabber also does a SRV lookup for also cisco-uds, cup-login and collab-edge
3. If collab-edge succeds, jabber then decides that it will use webex cloud for IM and P and expressway-e for voice and video traffic. Hence once collab-edge succeeds, jabber routes any voice and video traffic via expressway-e
4. jabber authenticates with webex messenger for IM and P services. Jabber downloads UC services from webex messenger
5. Then jabber sends authentication request to cucm via expressway-e, and it also sends a SRV look up for _cisco-uds so as to discover other UDS servers.

So on your external DNS server you will need

collab-edge SRV record

And your Internal DNS will need
cisco-uds record

There is no XMPP client SRV record.

You don't need to configure IM and presence on expressway-e but you should configure CUCM through your server discovery on expressway-c

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Hi Ayodeji and Daniel Sorry

Hi Ayodeji and Daniel


Sorry to butt into your post at this late stage, but I am currently attempting to roll out MRA hybrid myself with little success and the lack of documentation on implementing this is most frustrating.

We have an existing WebEx Messenger service we wish to maintain and I have rolled out the Expressway edge & core and set up all needed config on UCM for MRA.

The internal cisco-uds SRV is in place and collab-edge on the internet.

However when I reset the jabber client and select auto service discovery either from inside or outside the network jabber only registers to UCM in phone mode and WebEx messenger seems to be ignored.

WebEx messenger and our MRA services are both using the same domain.

I have seen references to UC services that must be configured in the WebEx Messenger administration tool. But these seem to be relevant to older verisons of WebEx Connect Click-to-Call.


Any tips or advice would be most appreciated.






Hi Gerard,

Hi Gerard,

Did you find any resolution to your issue?


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