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FindMe Explanations

Can someone please educate me on what the FindMe device templates do vs just letting a device get added to a location automatically by TMSPE?  I noticed that when you use device templates, all the templates get added to users FineMe profiles whether they use those particular device or not.  Also, is there a way to specify the name of a device that automatically gets added to a location, if a template isn't already defined?


Cisco Employee

Hi Patrick,

Main purpose of device template is to configure URI which can be assigned to specific Location template and further to Account or Group. It helps to manage consistent URI which is searched by VCS while completing Findme task.

We assign location template to account or group, all device template associated with specific location template will be assign to user irrespective of whether user has any of those endpoint or not. but user can login in its findme portal and manage as per his requirement.

I am not sure of your third query, I have not check any device template name which automatically get assigned to location template, any device template has to be assigned manually to location template, to make it work properly.



Hello Vivek -

The last comment is when TMSPE is configured to add the provisioned device to one's active location.  If a device template isn't present that matches the device URI, it will automatically add it, and the name of that device will then be the device URI, and not a friendly name, ie: Jabber Video.

Hey Patrick,

Now I got it what you are talking about, I don't think TMSPE is recognizing Display Name on the basis of Endpoint, it check on the basis of URI with device is register with.

URI should use either following variable

  • {username}
  • {display_name}
  • {first_name}
  • {last_name}
  • {email}
  • {office_phone}

with some static value, In device template we can see that it has only three parameter which doesn't include Endpoint type. I think Device template in Findme was made to manage consistenet URI and provide Display Name (which could be anything depend on enduser and he can create as per his need).

If you need this thing to be added then we could request for Enhncement, to identify general Endpoint and set some default name.

We have up to four different devices EX, E20, Jabber Video (Movi), Jabber Video (iPad).  Only a very select few users have an EX or E20, it would be nice to deploy device templates to a location and not have any of the devices set to ring until the device get's provisioned.  Similar to how TMSPE will add the device to a users device list and set it to inital ring, it would instead match a device template in the users list and set it to inital ring.  Currently if device templates are set for a user and not configured to ring on any level, and a device is provisioned, TMSPE doesn't set it to ring.  Would help in not having to set all the unwanted devices that people don't have that could be configured for a location to be unchecked unless they have it provisioned.  Hope this is making sense.

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