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Formula for camera distance?

Ed Kender

Hello - looking to see if there is some type of formula for mounting camera distance to front edge of table to have all participants in the frame based on table width?  We use SX10, 20', and 80's and the assortment of cameras.


From a quick search, there doesn't seem to just be a simple guide with measurements for every type of camera.  Each of the SX endpoints is capable of using a different camera with each having their own field of view, you can look at the SX Series Install Guides for help as well as the PrecisionHD Camera Datasheet, Precision Camera Datasheet, and SpeakerTrack 60 Datasheet to get an idea of the FOV that the different cameras has to best judge where the participants would be seen. You could also use Project Workplace as it has a few room layout examples. 

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