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Walkthrough Wednesdays
Martin Koch
Advocate vs. cisco downloads

Hi together!

Would be interesting to hear how you handle downloads, how you keep informed about news and what thoughts/solutions you have.

Does somebody know what happened to the ftp part of

It returns a "425 Failed to establish connection." error.

In addition I see that the IP address changed (from tandberg to a cisco, now

Even if not all stuff seem to have made it nowadays to the old Tandberg server I preferred it as the download speed was MUCH

better. On the cisco download sites I usually only get 300k/s which I think is quite disappointing, especially for Cisco being a

Network device company. Dont see such a speed limitation on other big internet sites.

Also the web / java based cisco download is less optimal, before I could nicely use a remote session and download

stuff from a linux CLI withing a server subnet. Now I need to download it form a machine with a GUI.

A fixed http-download link for a file would be much more handy.

I wrote me a small script checking on changes on the Tandberg FTP. Now with the cisco way its way harder for me to keep

track on changes, new versions, ...

Sure you can subscribe manually to a specific product, but you cant to this for a technology, which I would like to.

I would love to see a optimized way on how to handle that to keep better informed about what's going on.

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Hi Martin,

i also prefer the FTP tha the Cisco Download tool, but, probably this will disapeer soon or later, because the Cisco site have some agreements to "sign" or "be aware" before to download...

Does anyone know if there is a RSS feed on TelePresence or Collaboration download site? This this maybe could replace the ftp functionality to check if there are some new release notes or version, etc.



I use the Cisco Notification Service to send me notifications on Software Updates and other things.

You can choose from a detailed summary, just links, or RSS feeds on whatever items you choose on the basis you set either daily, weekly, or monthly.

I have mine set to send me software updates on a weekly basis, and get the one email every Sunday with whatever had came out that week.

I use this service too and that's fine for notifications, but as far as downloading the software goes, the TANDBERG ftp site beats the Cisco site hands down; just point ftp client to the site and off I go.

Cisco site is hopeless in that regard; log in, accept this, accept that etc, then slow download speeds to top it off. Progress? I think not.


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Michael Boscia

Not sure what may be going on with your networks, but I have only ever used the CCO download tools, I only use the non-Java baed downloader, and I regularly get between 780 kilobytes (not bits) per second and up to around 1.5 megabytes per second.

For those of you having issues with not connecting as fast as you may be used to, do any of you have control of your LAN/WAN environments as well?

While I do agree that perhaps the legacy FTP file repository may have been quicker and easier for some, for those of us coming from the Cisco side of the world, it has always been this way.

Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

Yes, its from many networks here terminated by different providers, at work, at home on gigabit fiber to

crappy dsl lines, always bad connections.

And as its not only here in Europe, but also at other non us sites which I got bad traffic reports of

I would more believe its a generic network or political problem.

I see the Cisco traffic goes from here through a pipe in amsterdam, I could picture that or

some additional shaping at Cisco is the reason.

And like I said, other downloads work great, so some better geo-distribution like other big players

do it might not be a bad idea.

Just that it was always like this does not mean that it can not be optimized (:

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