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Gateway to CUCME, no RTP Stream via h323 to h323 CUBE


Hello Guys,

I have a setup like this:

At the HQ, there is a CUCM,

At Branch 1, there is a CUCME, also acting as a CUBE. (CME-CUBE)

At Branch 2, there is a CUCME. (BR2-CUCME)

At Branch 3, there is a Voice Gateway having an integration with a 3rd Party PBX (VGW)

CUBE and the VGW is register as H323 Gateways on the CUCM

When Branch 3 call Branch 2, Call Signalling will be H323, from the VGW to CUCM to CME-CUBE to CUCME.

Config for CUCM > Gateway config for the CME-CUBE

Required MTP is unchecked

Wait for Far End Remote TCS is Checked

FastStart is Unchecked

On the CUBE, i have the "Allow connection h323 to h323"

My current issue is that there is no RTP Stream hear on the Phone on the CUCME,

From the CME-CUBE  to the CUCME, Calls are possible with RTP Being stream correctly.

If i put the direct dialpeer from VGW to CUCME, it will solve the issue.

However, my setup does not allow me to do that, so I am asking all experts what could be the issue.

How should I troubleshoot with this case,

Is there additional config that i need to add or ???

many thanks,




Can you please attach your branches configuration?

I believe it's a codec issue, but i can't confirm yet.

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