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Hdmi and camera cable for 1080p camera

Is it possible to use a 50m hdmi and camera cable to connect the camera and the codec?

As per the documentation, the maximum length should be 15m. But we have tried using 20m in one of our deployment.

With this specific requirement, the distance of the codec from the camera is approx 45m..

Appreciate any response..


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Martin Koch

You already gave you parts of the answer yourself, the camera documentation states

15m with a category 2 hdmi cable.

I would not expect a 15,01m to fail, there is most likely some more room afterwards,

but its dependent on the quality of the cable and possibly some luck :-)

Also if you use >15m with a cat2hdmi cable and you have issues you should not expect

to get support if you have issues with the image.

50m sound highly unlikely with a standard cable. But there are extenders for HDMI

which can use for example >100m Cat5 network cable or even ones using fiber optic

to extend the signal for way longer distances as you require it.

Use Google or better check with a AV-Integrator, its their daily business, they should be able

to provide you with a solution.

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify helpful or correct answers.

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

Ravi Yadav

Hi Marc,

What Martin mentioned is absoultly correct however i have seen and read on few forums people are using upto 50M length

again that should be a good quality and if you experience any interfernece in image you might need to install repeaters.

overall it can be used as suggested by the VA intergrators depending upon various factors cable type, connection and repeaters ..

and yes that will be beyond cisco support .


Ravi Kr.

We have many deployments with camera lengths way beyond 15m. HDMI cables can be iffy over these distances and expensive, but we successfully utilise Cat5 --> HDMI convertors to achieve the required distance (specifically ones from Extron (although I don't have an exact model at the moment) - we have had difficulties with other manufacturers). If you want to look for good quality cables, check out "Blue Jeans HDMI cables" (google) -

Yes, this will be beyond Cisco's support, but if you need achieve the distance, you have to do something - right?. If the second camera fails, the first thing to do is temporarily bring in back within spec to see if there is a issue in the normal configuration.



Appreciate your response guys..

Thanks for your help

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