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Nick Boylan

Home Lab VCS and TMS

I have now successfully setup part of my home lab using ESXI and importing the VCS OVA.  My virtual VCS is setup and running!!!

I also have 2 VM TMS servers.

All this is on my own private network and is used purely for educational purposes. The only problem I'm having is that I am restricted in what I can do as I do not have the appropriate licenses.

I wanted to provision a couple of movi accounts and was interested in how it links up with Active Directory.

Is there any way I could obtain licenses for test purposes? I would only need 3 or 4 movi licenses and TMS provisioning licenses. I'm also interested in creating and managing VCS clusters.

I am booked on the Cisco TSOT course in september but I really wanted to be able to setup a small infrastructure at home from scratch.

Ultimately, my aim is to reduce the amount of times I have to contact Cisco support and logging tac calls. I have already learned so much from the Cisco engineers based in Oslo through webex sessions, but as we are accessing live environments I am very limited in what I can learn.

I look forward to your replies and advise.

Thank you

Martin Koch

By today it does not seem to be possible without licenses. You need a TMS license to even add movi keys

and the VCS needs the device provisioning key. So without: no JabberVideo.

Btw, you can cluster two demo VCSs, I already tried that and it worked fine :-)

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Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee

You will require the release key on VM VCS before provisioning feature to be activate (even you managed to get provisioning key).

However once you install release key on VM VCS with demo license, you will lose demo call license (1 x traversal and 1 x non-traversal) so you then require for getting call license.

Currently VCS does not support time base option key therefore you will require contacting your Cisco representative to hold license key in standard procedure (even this is just test environment).

That's not entirely true, I've requested device provisioning keys via for demo VCS's I have in my lab and received these without an issue.

Interesting that provides service and additional key on VM VCS with demo license which has no service contract…

BTW, my original response is mainly because we don’t support additional option key (avoid going that discussion) on VM VCS with demo license.

Thanks for your replies guys,

I've had a reply from Cisco licensing saying they have raised a TAC case and will be escalating this with a manager.

I find it a little frustrating that I am trying to enhance my knowledge and education but I'm held back by license keys. I would have thought it was obvious that Im not going to be using it in a live environment and if I did the keys would be invalid and easily traced.

The TAC case states that I may have to wait up to 3 working days, I'll let you know what they reply with.

Thank you

Hi Nick, I was about to start exactly the same thing (home lab, Movie etc) for CUCM in one side and MS Lync on the other and obviuosly Movi/telepresence..Please update the thread as to how you are managing the eval licencses

many thanks


Hi Nick,

I understand your frustration, but don't you have to 'invest' in education (note the smile).


Nick-  Did you ever get this resolved?  I emailed yesterday for the free provisioning key for my lab VCS and they said they had to escalate to the BU because it was running in VMWare.  I have not heard anything back from TAC.


No Cisco just said no to obtaining a license. They also said the VCS serial number was not recognised on there systems.

The virtual VCS comes with 1 traversal license an 1 non traversal license.

I'm going to attempt to set up 2 vcs's on my home lab. I know that the VCS on the external network wont be a VCS-e but hopefully I'll be able to set up a traversal zone between them.

If this doesn't work my team leader said we may look at purchasing a license for the lab at work.

But ideally I would like my own lab to work as I have more time to play with it at home.

I shall keep this post updated with the progress of my setup.


Hi Nick,

Did you get this working at home? I'm trying to work out how to get VCS-E working with my home broadband router


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