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HostName of C20 registering as H323 Alias


Is it the default behaviour for a C20 that is registering to a VCS (7.1) to register with it's hostname as one of the alternative Aliases?

I have my Codec that points to VCS with a SYSTEM Name of UL-c90-1. I have it's "E.164 Alais" set to be 3004 and its "h323 id" set to be As you can see below from the VCS registeres this H.323 device under 3 alias. Is the "System Name" suppose to register like that? My thoughts are that it's suppose to be just the E.164 and the h323 ID.

Is there a way to prevent it from using the System name as a possible H.323 route?

Vendor information                              TANDBERG

Type                                        Endpoint

Out of resources                              False

Call signaling address          

RAS address                    

Apparent RAS address          

Alias 1 type                              H323Id

Alias 1 origin                              Endpoint

Alias 1 value                    

Alias 2 type                              H323Id

Alias 2 origin                              Endpoint

Alias 2 value                              UL-C90-1

Alias 3 type                              E164

Alias 3 origin                              Endpoint

Alias 3 value                              3004

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HostName of C20 registering as H323 Alias

We have several C20 and C40 codecs, and all of them register their system names to our VCS.  I think it might be to provide another method to connect to the codec.


HostName of C20 registering as H323 Alias

That is correct; they register with system name, e.164 alias, h323 i.d and, if cofigured, sip uri.


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HostName of C20 registering as H323 Alias

Hi Ryan!

Yes, but it seems that was not always like that.

I noticed it when we had some reg issues of freshly added systems.

I am not sure if its the endpoint or TMS but two endpoints ended up having "No Name()" as the system name,

causing h323 to reject the registration as duplicate aliases are rejected.

Furthermore that conficting additional alias is not even shown in the VCS logs, ...

Anyhow, MXP systems also had this feature, but if I remember it correct there is an option to turn that behavior off:

xConfiguration H323Gatekeeper MultipleAlias: Off

But I did not find any option like that in the C-Series config.

You could also use authentication using ldap and the setting "alias origin=ldap"

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HostName of C20 registering as H323 Alias

Hi Martin,

So there is no method that you have found to prevent the C-Series from registering this extra Alias for h.323. The reason being is that I have my SIP URI set to be "system name" and it seems as though a lot of calls between C-series endpoints are being interworked because when calls are being setup to the SIP URI of it matches my rule 48 which strips everything after the @ symbol for searching calls registered with just e.164. Since UL-c90-1 is a valid alias i find the call is being routed as an h.323 call instead of continuing to the next rule that routes based on full SIP URL

I hope your following my logic as I read through the paragraph above its tough to explain.

In a nutshell it would be great if there was a way to just make the c-series not register it's system name as an alternate e.164 alias.


HostName of C20 registering as H323 Alias

Hi Ryan!

Just missed your posting, good that you refered to it in the other one :-)

I do not really know your setup and there might be a reason for a specific order for your dialplan.

In short, maybe having a different priority (like lower priority (=higher number) or even the same then

the other rule) might do the trick.

But it can also cause loops or other unwanted behavior. Like I wrote in my other posting,

better get the complete dial plan incl. your used addresses checked up.

This might be a bit to much for this forum, as a complete review of your network should be done.


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