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How i can view multicast video from codian VCR

What URL i need to enter in videoplayer to view multicast from codian VCR?

I try quicktime and urls: rtsp://

rtsp://<addres of recording>

I see multicast traffic in wireshark but how can i view it?


You can use a tool like VLC (VideoLAN) to view the multicast video.

Select File | Open network | RTP/UDP stream | select mutlicast mode and enter IP and port details there.


I also try vlc to view multicast, no luck.

In vlc i can only enter URL but i don't know what url i need to enter, all url that i try is not working, I also don't know what enter in "more options".

I don't see the options in vlc that you wrote(RTP/UDP stream | select mutlicast mode)

My apologies those instructions were for the Mac OSX version of VLC.

Can you please post a screen capture of the current 'connections' view of the IP VCR showing the multicast group and port settings that are in use, also the settings / recording multicast options.

I think you mean this screenshots?

Oleksandr Yurchenko

Hi, Sergiy

.. the similar as the unicast.

Multicast from VCR does not require an external video player such as VLC (VideoLAN).

You can use http://your_VCR/streaming.html with embedded QuickTime or RealPlayer.

br. Oleksandr

br Oleksandr

But i don't want view multicast from vcr web page. I want view it in my player. Because this is multicast i guess i simply don't know URL

5 points for Oleksandr, as its at least an option to solve "I want to see a multicast stream" and would give you the

capability to further debug.

In general it can fail on multiple places, your switches/routers have to be properly set up to support multicast.

As you write that you see multicast packets (without even joining) it sounds that you have a pretty basic


For VLC I would just try to enter as the network URI: (either one of these)



Interesting that the IPVCR seems to share the same multicast ip for different bandwidth of video and has the audio on an other ip. So I would assume you do not get audio with that, but it shall be possible to open both at the same time.

Btw, I would not use as this is reserved as the local network control block. (.51 is reserved for zeroconf).

Maybe using something in makes more sense.

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After all(cisco TAC), it is a bug.

1. If in your webinterface you have "redirect http to https" checked, then you don't see multicast in player(or wait for the new release software).

2. For h264 codec video start with big delay(about 7 minutes), you can use h263 codec or wait for the new release software

3. How to get URL for multicast streaming in player you can see there

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