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How to connect Wireless microphone to Cisco Telepresence SX20


Does anyone try to connect Wireless microphone to the second microphone input (Cisco Table Mic 20 microphone is connected to the first microphone input)? Is this connection OK if I want to use both 2 micphone types?

Paulo Souza
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Microphones inputs of SX20 are standard audio connections, so theoretically it is supposed to work with major of the microphones. But the interface is a mini jack (P2) interface, so you should have wireless mic whose connection is P2, or by using any external audio equipment.

Although microphones audio inputs on SX20 use standard minkjack connector, according to SX20 admin guide, those interfaces must to be used only to connect Cisco Telepresence Microphones.

To connect wireless microphone, I would suggest you to use PC audio input, which is a standard minijack (P2) stereo audio interface.


Paulo Souza

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Thanks for your reply.

I connected wireless microphone to SX20 mic input and sound is quite good. But when I connected both Cisco Table Mic 20 and wireless microphone to SX20 codec, only Cisco Table Mic 20 is available. Do I have to set any parameters to use both Cisco Mic and wireless mic simultaneously?


I was reading SX20 admin guide and I found this information regarding microphones input on SX20:

Page 110 -

So I think it is not possible to use microphones input to connect a standard audio device. So I would suggest you to use PC audio input to connect your wireless microphone. Note that PC audio input on SX20 also uses minijack, but this interface is stereo.


Paulo Souza

Paulo Souza Was my response helpful? Please rate useful replies and remember to mark any solved questions as "answered".
Saurabh Gupta

Hi ,

I guess you cannot the wireless mic to the codec.

Saurabh Gupta

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I have connected single- and dual-channel Revolabs microphones the C20, with very good success.  I have also connected a single-channel Revolabs and a second connection to ClearOne Converge Pro DSP, also with very good success.  I have not tried to connect a TelePresence 20 Microphone on one input and a single-channel Revolabs on the other.  My customers either require a totally wireless solution or a wireless and an installed microphone solution.  We are just starting to order the SX20, so I will be testing wired and wireless combinations to validate their compatibility.

The Revolabs receiver has a 3.5mm TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve), while the C20/SX20 has a 3.5mm TRRS (Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve).  Revolabs makes a cable that resolves the differences between them but it does not transmit the muting function on the Revolabs microphone to the codec.  Muting takes place by using the remote or the Cisco touch panel.  (single- and dual-channel Revolabs wireless mics)

3.5mm Balanced Male Connector to 3.5mm Male 4 Conductor - Part# 07-35MBTO35M4-01



I am trying to connect an MX300 to Revolabs HD Dual. I have the HD Dual Base mixing to one output. I have the cable you recommended Part# 07-35MBTO35M4-01 however I am getting "mixed" results with use. Sometimes I get a lot of noise and sometimes echoing. Are there any specific DIP switch settings ont he HD Dual that you would recommend? Thanks!


The dip switch#3 has to be ON (Mic level). You can see this doc




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