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Kapil Choudhary

How to enable Duo Video on Codian MSE 8510

While we are dialing Point to Point, DuoVideo Options gives us the Flexibility of toggling between Far End Video and Far End Presentation(Content). However same is not available in case when we dial through Codian MSE 8510 MCU.

Does it  means that  during multisite dialing, Duo Video Option is not available even though H.239 Protocol is enabled at MCU ?

Martin Koch

I am not 100% sure what you are up to? What endpoints to you use on what kind of infrastructure and which call protocol do you use.

Maybe this helps you:




Check on the "Content channel video support" chapter.

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Dear Sir,

We have two Edge MXP 95 Endpoints, one each at Mumbai and Hyderabad. While dialing point to point Duo Video works. We get Far end Video and Far end Content at the same time. However while dialing through Codian MSE 8510 MCU, either of Video / Content are received even though H.239 is enabled on the MCU at any point of time.

We aim to receive Video + Content during the Call through MCU.

Display Content in Normal Video Channel : Disabled

We have a MSE8510 (v4.x) and MXP (F9.x) and they work fine together

Please check on the documents I mentioned.

I would also check if there is a firewall/application layer gateway locking something up.

good luck.

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Dear Sir,

Interoperability between Codian MSE 8510 MCU and Tandberg Edge95 Endpoint is already there. However we don't get Dual Stream during multisite VC dailed through Codian MSE 8510 MCU.

Both Content Channel Video and Content Contribution from endpoints is set to "Enabled". Please advise.

What is the behavior when you try to share content? Do you get an error message?

Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee

HI C_kapil.  Couple of other items you want to check as well.  I don't see the version your running on this post, under the Conferences, you click on a conference, then click configuration, you will see the following:

MXP only supports H263+ on content channel from what I can recall, and if you have the codec set for H264, then content will pass to the far side in main channel video if enabled. 

If this is set to H263+ but you have an minimum outgoing bit rate indicated, this may hamper the transmission as well.  Lets say for instance you have a minimum bit rate of 384k checked, and your video call is at 512k.  When the content sharing starts, the MCU will probably say bit rate mismatch and cannot send it cause the main channel being split in two would be 256k which would fall outside this rate and so MCU will send in main.  If your call is at 768k or higher, then when the BW is split to send main and dual, it would be above this outgoing bit rate limit and send content in both channels. 

I'd double check this as well.  Set the content codec to Automatic if running 4.3 or if running 4.2 set to H263 and set no limit on the minimum bit rate to see if the behavior changes. 

Successful content share would be:

Bit rate limit imposed on the outgoing bit rate and conference rate at 512 k:

Event Log will indicate:

     4986 2012/08/09 08:51:26.006 CONFERENCE              Info      new H.323 participant 49

     4987 2012/08/09 08:51:30.326 CONFERENCE              Info      activating H.239 channel for "Big Dawgs Conference"

     4988 2012/08/09 08:51:30.431 CONFERENCE              Info      unable to send extended video to "~~~~(*)______() Dawg 1700" - bit rate mismatch

     4989 2012/08/09 08:51:30.774 CONFERENCE              Info      new H.323 participant 50

     4990 2012/08/09 08:51:33.861 CONFERENCE              Info      unable to send extended video to "c60-1.lab.h323@tac.lab" - bit rate mismatch

Can you verify seeing the same? 




Hello Patrick,

Content Channel is enabled and we get Content at Far End. Issue is simultaneous receipt of Video + Content at Far End as available in Point to Point Call.

Codian MSE 8510 Media Blade

Software Version 4.1

HI C_Kapil.  Thanks.  If you can, would you be able to snapshot the conference page when this occurrs, so I can see whats going on?  Would that be possible?  Thanks. 



Dear Patrick,

Uploaded one such Snapshot.

Thanks C_Kapil.  Can you put a conference up between two endpoints and send content and snapshot the conference page.  The settings look ok.  I'm curious to see whats happening when you have endpoints in there, and your sending content to see what its reporting. 



Kapil Choudhary

Kapil Choudhary

Dear Patrick,

Hope the Snapshot will suffice.

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