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How to install isdn link with c40

Shy Solenko


Someone can help me install ISDN link with C40 in combined ISDN and IP mode.

I pluged all the connections to the ISDN link - IP network and ISDN network but i cant find any ISDN device in the web interface.

How to make the automatic pairning?




Ravi Yadav

Hi Shy,

please refer to the two documents links below it would be quite simple after that

Please make sure ISDN link is running on the latest version.

il 1.1.0

codec on TC6

refer to installation guide   Page 5

With IL1.1 and TC6.0 you can now connect an unconfigured ISDN Link and from the

web interface of the endpoint search and pair with the ISDN Link (see


Installation Guide 1.1

for more details).

let me know if you have any issues.


Ravi Kr,


I have the leatest versions in the ISDN link and in the C40 but it cant find any isdn device.

What i do wrong?

How do i know what version my ISDN linkk?

Hi Shy,

you can check the version by this command.

xStatus SystemUnit Software Version


Ravi Kr.

Hi Shy,

lets try it again.  Page 5 on installaion guide


The endpoint and ISDN Link must be on the same subnet. The Ethernet cable should

be directly connected between the Endpoint port, on the ISDN Link, and the Ethernet 1 port,

on the endpoint

Start pairing

1. Open a w eb browser, enter the address of the endpoint, and login.

2.From the top menu, go to Configuration > Peripherals.

3.Click the  Manage ISDN Link button. This will open the ISDN Link page.

4.Click the Search for devices button.

5.Choose your ISDN Link from the list and Click the Pair! button.

During the pairing process a message will display:

Pairing with device: .

The ISDN Link is identified by the MAC Address, which is found on a label

underneath the unit.

6.When sucessfully paired the following text will appear on the ISDN Link page:

This TelePresence device is paired with an ISDN Link


Checking the status of the ISDN Link

Navigate to

Configuration > Peripherals > Manage ISDN Link > ISDN Link Configuration


Ravi Kr

Hi Ravi,

I did all that but in the ISDN link page it can find any isdn device so i cant continure.

Hi Shy,

what all changes have been made to the device?

is it out of box or preconfigured while getting it connected ?

if preconfigured lets perform a reset and follow the process again.


Ravi Kr.

it's new. oot of the box


I do not have an ISDN link to test this with, but I do have a codec and some experience with pairing in the context of a touch panel, not  ISDNLink, but the paradigm should be the same.

The first thing which needs to happen is that the codec should learn the ISDNLink by UPnP discovery. One can start UPnP on the codec using admin access into the C40 and do :

[dderidde-ex90-home:~] $ tsh

Welcome to dderidde.ex90.home

TANDBERG Codec Release TC6.1.1.7d7af15

SW Release Date: 2013-04-26


xcom Experimental Peripherals Pairing DeviceDiscovery Start

*r DeviceDiscoveryResult (status=OK):

** end


The C40 will then send out UPnP packets which I can trace using root access and tcpdump :

tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode

listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 65535 bytes

13:23:58.101319 IP6 fe80::4255:39ff:fe0c:ef66.41762 > ff05::c.1900: UDP, length 111

        0x0000:  6000 0000 0077 1101 fe80 0000 0000 0000  `....w..........

        0x0010:  4255 39ff fe0c ef66 ff05 0000 0000 0000  BU9....f........

        0x0020:  0000 0000 0000 000c a322 076c 0077 3418  .........".l.w4.

        0x0030:  4d2d 5345 4152 4348 202a 2048 5454 502f  M-SEARCH.*.HTTP/

        0x0040:  312e 310d 0a48 4f53 543a 205b 4646 3035  1.1..HOST:.[FF05

        0x0050:  3a3a 435d 3a31 3930 300d 0a4d 414e 3a20  ::C]:1900..MAN:.

        0x0060:  2273 7364 703a 6469 7363 6f76 6572 220d  "ssdp:discover".

        0x0070:  0a4d 583a 2035 0d0a 5354 3a20 7572 6e3a  .MX:.5..ST:.urn:

        0x0080:  6369 7363 6f2d 636f 6d3a 6465 7669 6365  cisco-com:device

        0x0090:  3a49 7364 6e4c 696e 6b3a 320d 0a0d 0a    :IsdnLink:2....

When these packets reach the ISDNLink, it should respond.

The above is the same as when you use the GUI interface and search for ISDN devices.

How can one access the ISDNLink itself? Can one ssh into it to see whether UPnP is running there?

Maybe easiest to do is to use admin on codec and do :

xfeedback register event

xcom Experimental Peripherals Pairing DeviceDiscovery Start

If UPnP is not running on the ISDNLink, then the discovery will fail.

Is the IP stack on the ISDN link working fine? How can on check that?


I found this for configure for ISDN only:

ISDN Link configuration - Use the serial port to configure.

• xConfiguration Network 1 Assignment: Static

(Set Static IP)

• xConfiguration Network 1 IPv4 Address: “”

(Set the IP address of the ISDN Link)

• xConfiguration Network 1 IPv4 SubnetMask: “”

(Set the subnet mask of the ISDN Link)

• xConfiguration Gateway SIP PeerUri : “”

(Set the IP address of the Endpoint)

• xConfiguration Gateway SIP PeerHost: “”

Set the IP address of Endpoint)

• xConfiguration H320 NetType: PRI

(Set type of ISDN)

• xConfiguration ISDN PRI SwitchType: Euro

(Set the ISDN switch type)

• xConfiguration ISDN PRI Interface 1 MaxChannels: 30

• xConfiguration ISDN PRI Interface 1 HighChannel: 31

(Change the MaxChannels/HighChannel to the number of channels you have)

• xConfiguration ISDN PRI Interface 1 NumberRangeStart: “8000”

• xConfiguration ISDN PRI Interface 1 NumberRangeStop: “8000”

(Enter your PRI number)

Someone can tell me the commands for BRI and ISDN and IP


Hi Shy,

please refer to page 90 on the Api referece guide link provided .

let me know if you find it helpful.


Ravi Kr.


My ISDN link software is 1.0 and i need to upgrqade to 1.1. i downloaded the package but you can tell me how to do the upgrade




If you upgrade link from IL 1.0 to IL 1.1 you need to change following configuration .

xConfiguration Gateway PairingMode: Auto

After changing this config reboot link and codec , you should able to see link in web interface.

Kind regards,


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