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How to install new licenses in CMS with cms.lic file

When we install the licenses in CMS, we have to transfer the cms.lic file to CMS and this file activate the features like callbridge, turn, etc. Once licenses are installed, how can I aggregate new licenses, if the name of the file (cms.lic) is the same? The SFTP asks me to replace the file or shows me an error.


Do I have to modify the lines in the file adding the lines from new file .lic?

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ALL the licensing options you have bought need to be in a single cms.lic file, reach licensing if you need help with that.



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Whenever you go through the claim process and provide the MAC address of interface a of your CMS, the license file sent to you will contain all existing and new licenses claimed against that particular MAC address.  You can then upload the updated cms.lic file to your CMS overwriting the one already there.


I had a tough time explaining the same to licensing team and getting all features in a single file. I got multiple files and had to explain that CMS cant read more than one license file. FYI


Whenever you go through the process to claim your PAKs for CMS, there is an option to add additional MACs so the licenses can be applied to each CMS. You’ll Ben receive a license file for every CMS, based on the interface a MAC, and will contain the licenses you just claimed and any licnesed already claimed in the past. 


What about SMP's?


We purchased 14 SX10's with bolted on SMP's. the way i see doing this is loading the cms.lic file for each SMP, rebooting wait for startup and load a new cms.lic file and reboot again. does the .lic have to reside on the server indefinitley?


On the licensing portal i cant combine these and associate it to one MAC address.




Hi Rob,


You need to contact Cisco Licensing and ask them to add these SMP licenses to your existing cms licenses and get as a single file. There is no other way to do this as CMS takes only one license file. Any file you put on top of existing will overwrite the current one.




Thanks Sriram, I will do so.

When you claim CMS licenses and enter the MAC address of interface a, the system will recognize you've already claimed licenses for that MAC address and the license file you receive will contain all existing licenses previously claimed and any new licenses you've just claimed.

As SMP+ licenses are claimed individually one at a time, you'll get a new license file for each one you claim,  and each license file should be the same as the last, but the SMP+ count will be incremented by one each time.


Thanks Patrick,
Initially I figured that out when I had to reload a CMS and re-hosted the license. It carried all SMP's across. Here I am copying each .lic file !


Thats good to know Pat. When I contacted Cisco for my CMS licenses he had asked me to get one single file through licensing. But good to know that there is a different method for SMP.


I nhave 3 x CMS Server on Cluster

over CMS1 License 27 SMP  and 100 PMP

over CMS2 License 1 SMP 

over CMS3 Licnese 1 SMP

How control Lincese over a Cluster ??? The CMS cluster sees a total of 29 SMP licenses? How administer this ?


Recently (Cisco Live ) a POD laboratory, im read this :"There is a single license file that contains the license for the MAC addresses of all your servers, so you only need to download a single file and then upload it to each of the three servers. The first thing you need to do is download the license file. " ....

how or where downloas this only license for the every CMS Server ??


When you claim the multiparty licenses from the PAK, you can add more than on MAC address, ie: interface a of each of the servers in your cluster. You'll then get a a licnese file for each server that contains the licenses you just claimed. Since you've already claimed the licenses, you'll need to contact GLO

Pat, How do we add multiple MAC address while claiming license, dont remember seeing an option.

that's true ... I also do not remember that there was such an option