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Image URL for Jabber Clients

How is this field utilized through a VTC infrastructure? We envisioned that users with newer desktop devices (ex90) would see an image of the jabber user on thier touch pad controller (a white sillohete appears currently). We placed an accessible url that refers to a .png file in that field, but without success.

Is thier a list of devices that will display the image to the caller?

Is there a recommended location to place files? On TMS? Can I throw any url that points to a public .png in that field and expect it to render?

Is anyone using this field?

If so, how were you able to configure it?

Any help would be appreciated.

Paula Talamo
Cisco Employee

Hello Len,

I am not quite clear on what you are asking - what version of Jabber Client are you referring to and on which system are you configuring the image URL? 

From the TelePresence EX90 perspective, you will not see an image of a Jabber user on the Touch panel.

- Paula

Let me try to clarify...

In the Provisioning Directory of TMS (where we create our Jabber Users) when adding a new user one of the fields provided is Image URL. I have read the help file but I didnt find it too clear. Judge for yourself, here it is...

"The Image URL is used to generate image URLs. An image URL is a pointer to an image that can be used in the admin UI, portal UI and in phone books on devices supporting this feature."

So my questions are:

Where is that image that the URL points to ever displayed?

What devices are supported?

Is there a recommended location for where those pictures live (should they be local to the TMS box or is any web accessible url ok)?

What file types are acceptable? Only .png or .jpg too?

Sorry...We are on 4.3

Hi Len,

Thank you for the further clarification and the help file verbiage could be a little more helpful.     I don't have the answers to all of your questions but stay tuned.  In my lab I am currently using a web accessible URL to a .jpg which is displaying for the user in TMS instead of the person icon.  We'll get you more details.



Paula, you mentioned you were able to populate a url in the "Image URL" field that displays in TMS instead of the "Green Gal and Blue Dude". Did you have to reboot? I have saved and refreshed to no avail...

Guy, is there a list of  documented devices that this field should populate to? On our EX-90's we have a person silouhette for each call made. It sounds as if Jabber users wont be able to populate this silouhette with an image. Where would I place an image in TMS for our endpoints to show a picture of the "conference room" you were calling that would display on our EX-90's?

Hi Len,

In TMS we have the images showing instead of the little guys too (Our meeting rooms are named after cricket grounds) -

This may be dependant on having TMS-PE as well though.

I don't believe there is a list of which devices support displaying the images yet.I guess some have added in the support already, and for others it is still on their development backlog. From my testing I don't believe the EX90 will currently display these images.

Len - thanks for your patience on this.  We will be adding more info to the TMSPE Deployment Guide. In addition to what Guy already added:

  • Supported formats for the image are .png and .jpg and there is no limit to the picture size as it will be rescaled by the application. 
  • The URL needs to be an accessible URL from your TMS server.
  • This does not require a reboot.   You should see the image (see Guy's example) immediately - no reboot is necessary.



Hi Len,

The only device I've seen display those images so far is when you look in the provisioning phone book on an e20 - the pictures pop up there.

The other place they pop up is when a user logs in to their TelePresence FindMe Portal when using TMS Provisioning Extention - It shows their picture at the top of the page.



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