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Integrate external microphone to SX20


Hi all,

My customer has bought SX20 before. Now they'd like to integrate external audio system including echo cancellation (Biamp Nexia VC), amplifier, goose-neck microphones, wall-mounted speakers to SX20. In my opinion, this can't be implemented because there's not enough interface (only 1 audio out 3.5 mm and 2 audio in 3.5 mm for 2 mics). I wonder if SX20 can be met this requirement. If no, please recommend me the suitable model.

Thanks in advance.



Martin Koch

Hi Dzung!

Without the guarantee that it will work without any trouble; I would recommend a C40 or C60.

That said I would recomend testing if it works fine with the external sound system.

The C40/60 have an API command to disable the echo cancellation on the input port which

would most likely be required to handle the external cancellation:

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Hi Tien,

Generally , C20 and Sx20 are not integrator packages and the integration which you are looking won't be achieved in your scenario.

So , I would recommend you to go for C40/C60 as those are the integrator packages.




I also think as you said




What do you think about MXP Series such as 95MXP, 3000MXP?

Can they meet the requirement?


Not exactly, however to the certain limit, it would work.



Have you ever tried to connect external microphone to Mic In port on SX20?

Is it Ok if I do that?

I was able to use 3rd party mic's with SX20, but it's a pain. Need to spend some time with soldering iron .

It was much easier with C20.

As others said -  C40 is a perfect fit for it.

Hi, any one managed to connect external mic to sx20 codec ?


Trying to connect shure mxa910 using shure intellimix P300 (analogue to codec)


Using a 4pin (TRRS) 3.5mm to phoenix connector


Have tried Tip to +

                 R1 to -

                 R2 not terminated

                 S as shield

Have also tried to short R2 for control to fool the codec but no luck


Running on sw ver 7.3


Similar setup on Polycom gs500 works plug and play


Any assistance / advice would be really really appreciated


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