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Integrating the IPVC-3515-MCU with Call Manager

I am looking for some help on how to integrate the IPVC-3515-MCU with Call Manager.



I have a 3515 configured for SCCP and up and registered with CUCM. I have the conference device as a member of a MRG, and MRGL, but I can't seem to get the phones for audio or video to use the resources in the MCU. What am I missing?


What is your CUCM ver? CUCM 7.x has a new feature where even if VCB is the first bridge in MRGL, if all parties are audio it will select an audio CFB instead of the VCB.

Now, if you don't have CUCM 7.x than please confirm that the VCB has the higher priority in the MRGL. The MRG with the VBC should be at the top of all other MRG (which have CFB in it) in the MRGL. If you have audio CFB and VCB in the same MRG than CUCM will select the least used conf bridge and this could be the audio CFB.

Try and keep the audio CFB and the VCB in different MRG so this way you can influence the priority of conf bridge in the MRGL. Also, make sure that the user who is initiating the conf has this MRGL.

I am running CUCM 7.0(1). So how do I prioritize the VCB so that it is preferred?



Check this link for info on IBS

Also, check out the CUCM service paramter for CallManager server. In there under Clusterwide Parameters (Feature - Conference) you can configure how to select the priority, etc.

Thanks for the information. Just to confirm what I am trying to do is possible. I have a 3515 MCU configured for SCCP and registered with CUCM 7x. By making this MCU the only conferencing resource available in the MRGL CUCM will use this device for audio and Video conferencing? It will be used by CUCM on an audio conference just as CUCM would use a dsp farm? I have configured the MCU to use all ports for SCCP, so no other configuration should be needed on the MCU for it to be used for ad-hoc conferences?


yup, that should work. MCU is capable of handling audio, and video conference.

We have a similar environment

I've reviewed the info in the protocols area of the 3515 configuration guide, and I have our 3515 registered via SCCP as a gateway with our 4.3 cluster.

What is next to allow the 7985s to participate in multisite calls? What else needs to be configured on the CCM side with respect to MRG / MRGL? For 7985s to conduct AdHoc or Meetme conferences - Thanks very much in advance!


all that should be needed now is for you to ad the MCU to the MRG and MRGL and then associate the devices with this MRGL. You may also need to remove the CUCM software conferencing resources from the MRGL in order for the MCU to take precendence, I can't remember which version of CUCM this started with.

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