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Integration between VCS, CUCM and Lync: possible with VCS demo licenses?


we would like to test the integration between VCS X7.2 (VM version), CUCM 8.x and Microsoft Lync 2010, by only using the VCS demo licenses (for CUCM and Lync, we already have "real" licenses).

Is it possible?

TIA and regards.

Martin Koch

A proper integration would require Findme and beneficial is the enhanced collaboration key.

Proper Findme would require device provisioning as well, which also requires a full TMS key

(and maybe a handful of movi licenses).

Without VCS-E, VCS-C, enhanced collaboration no proper edge server support.

If I remember it correctly the vm has:

1 Non Traversal Call, 1 Traversal Call, 3 Registrations, Encryption.

In some scenarios you might need 2 non traversal calls, so this would break it as well.

Also the Vmware ESXi specs needs to be matched.

All together I would say, it might work to place calls over it, though there are plenty of points where

you might run into trouble. And trouble is exectly not what you want to have for a proof of concept

installation :-)

I would talk to a CIsco partner what they can come up with. Maybe they have a VCS-C&TMS which you can borough.

Would be interested in other thougs about this as well.

Good luck.

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Alok Jaiswal
Cisco Employee

Hi Raziel,

We would like to know what kind of demo license you are talking of? what all licenses are part of demo license!!

i see you have CUCM 8.x as well. If you have CUCILYNC license then why don't you use the Lync with CUCM as normal extension? i think that would be a lot easier to do in terms of configruation plus you will get a high resolution video from CUCILYNC. i would prefer doing this rather than to go for Lync integration with VCS and then routing the calls to CUCM.

you can find more information for CUCILYNC on this place.

However if you don't have licenses on CUCM then in my view having VCS and Lync integration to route call to CUCM is another option. But this again requires licenses on the VCS.



Hi Alok,

So are you trying to say that if any Customer has CUCM and VCS, so they should go for Lync Integration with CUCM rather than with VCS.

And calls would go find from lync clients to VCS registered endpoints and vice versa along with CUCM endpoints?

Correct me if I am wrong.



Hi Saurabh,

Doing it require additional license on the CUCM. So it depends if you want to invest additional or not.

If not then setup a integration with VCS and Lync and continue with video call!!setting up CUCILYNC allows to control Lync same time via CUCM for calling and you will continue to use features like IM, presence, desktop sharing.

it also provides a high resolution video as CUCILYNC is a CSF based client which uses cucm as call control rather than Lync.!!



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