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Tim Cappel

Invite Template for WebEx TelePresence Meetings (TMSXE)


We are working on deploying WebEx Enabled TelePresence and TMSXE to our environment.  Everything is working as expected, however I am having some frustrations with the email templates.  When scheduling with Smart Scheduler you get the booking invite HTML template from TMS.  However, when booking from the WebEx Productivity Tools (the new one that works with WeT and TMSXE) it loads the invite with the booking invite plain text version from TMS.  I have looked everywhere and the only thing I have found is under Coniguration in TMS, email settings, set Email Content Type to HTML instead of both (multipart).  However, this still doesn't seem to force the invite to be HTML instead of Plain Text.  If anyone has some insight into this, I would greatly appreciate it.


Steve Kapinos
Cisco Employee

What version of TMSXE and TMS?

Is there any chance someone tried to tinker in the XML files of TMSXE?

Look in programdata\cisco\tmsxe\config\appsettings.xml

And see if  the SendAsHTML property is set to True  (just to see if anyone mucked around in here)

The AppSettings.xml is not where you make changes to the product, but in looking for reasons it might NOT be sending html emails.. this is a dependency I found looking through code

Hey Steven,

Thanks for the response. 

TMS - 14.2

TMSXE - 3.1.3

I looked and found the .xml.  It was correctly set to true.  Any more help is much appreciated.

Ok, re-reading your post... I think I may have misread things.  You are talking about booking with the Productivity Tool itself in outlook.

When you book via the Productivity Tool - the user should not get a confirmation email from TMS like you classically would when booking from TMS or TMSXE.  Instead the Productivity Tool will insert the conferencing information directly into the body of the calandar invite.  The layout of this email is dictated by the Productivty Tool - not TMS.   The settings and templates you are looking at are for when TMS is the one generating emails to the user.

The PT tool gets information about the conference from TMS, but the layout is dictated by the Productivity Tool and is text.

I'm not sure if that can be customizied through the WebEx site or not.

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