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IP Telephony Video Conference - Issue


Dear All,

Please advice me to start a VCON with my newly purchased Polycom HDX7000, and I need to add this VCON equipment with my CUCM 7.1, Here are important information you all may need:-

The IP Telephony is working fine, and I can call to PSTN from any IP Phone.

1. The IPT Infrastructure consist of CUCM7.1, PSTN Gateway  ( Cisco 2810 as h323 Gateway added in CUCM ), and 700 nos. of IP phone ( 7911, 7940 & 7921 )

2. This is a standalone Healthcare Organisation, and hence no WAN location, I can call from any IP extn to any IP extn and IP extn to any PSTN ( Local, Long & International )

3. I have Cisco VT Camera III and and can make one to one Video call.

Now we have purchased a Polycom VCON equipment to make Video Con call to

1. Other organisation using my PRI terminated on to the PSTN gateway ( Cisco 2810 Router ).

2. Polycom to existing user having Cisco VT Camera

The Problrm I'm facing:-

I have added the Polycom device as a h323 phone ( client ) in my CUCM, and trying for both required Video Call and here is the result:-

1. In the 1st case, calls are not going out and giving an error mssg in the Polycom screen such as ( Your Call couldn't be completed because the call was routed through an intermediate network that does not service the far site ). If someone calling my Polycom, its' accepting the calls but without any video, audio calls are happening and can hear by both the party.

2. In the 2nd case 1 to 1 video calls are working, but If I want to make any conf with my LAn user using my IP phone conf option the video goes off but audio remains OK.

Thanks in advance to all of you for your support.

NB:- Is the Gatekeeper must in the 1st case? any way I'm also having a Cisco MCU 3515 ( unused ) if that helps...!!!





I think, there could be a problem with my problem describtion......otherwise definately someone will answer me......ami I right?



Hi Sujit,

reagarding your questions:

1.) You need a PSTN gateway that supports video. You could use a 29xx or 39xx for that:

Have a look at the limitations!

Or you try this with your 2810(?) gw:

2.)You need a Video Conference Bridge (VCB) registered via SCCP to your CUCM. Your 3515 would be perfect for that!

Another option would be to register some DSP's as a VCB (only next gen ISR):



Hi Sujit,

In continuation of Andre valuable information:

You can also use RAS aggregator by using a dedicated Gatekeeper and creating a RAS agreegator trunk within CUCM. Then register your end point to CUCM using this Trunk and this way you can continue using the same dial-plan defined under the CUCM.( But this has scaling issue meaning if you are trying to have more Video end points)

Regarding 29xx,39xx look for the UNIVERSAL PVDM3 and register them as a conf bridge under CUCM

But as you already have 3515, register that under CUCM and you will be good to go.

Hope this helps


Make sure you have your bearer-cap speech as a voice-port rule.

This could prevent video. Also make sure your video bandwidth is set in CCM.

Good luck

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Check your Video BitRate settings in Polycom.. it should be like 256..

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