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Is it possible for TMS to report a critical error on an device hardware failure - such as a Fan?

Hi All,

TMS - 14.3

VCS - x7.2.2/x7.1

C Series - TC 6.3/5.8

Now, to me, I would have though that this would be something TMS Should do OOTB. To my mind, if a fan fails on a device, such as and endpoint or worse a VCS - I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT - IMMEDIATELY.

It seems that the tickets in TMS don't support this little gem and there is no real way to setup a system event (I have seen the "Other Event", in the Event Notification Manager, although I haven't really tested this), but there should be a specific Critical event for this type of failure.

Am I missing somthing really obvious?????



VIP Advisor

Hi Chris,

The list of events that TMS will send a notification for are listed in the Administrator Guide (see Event Notification Manager section on pages 114 and 115).

In short, no, TMS does not currently monitor fans, temperatures, etc,

Given they've only started introducing moniroting like this in the newer versions of endpoint firmware it is possible that they may introduce this facility in a future version of TMS (which I agree would be quite useful).

Your best option would be to log this as a feature request through your local cisco rep.



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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

At least for the VCS (do not have any endpoint with an error so untested, but most endpoints I had seen

fan issues had noisy fans which still worked, which might not show up, ...).

Anyhow, TMS shows the errors which you also see as the red-triangle alert on the VCS.

Screenshot from a VCS managed in TMS:

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify


This is interesting Martin, as in this incident, this is exactly what I was looking for. We have had a VCS where the fan failed yet I don't remember seeing this warning ticket on TMS. We noted it on a routine check on the VCS's own management pages. Obviously I would like to see this as critical.error in TMS, end hence I want to see and email notification sent immediately - but I still can't see where this is configured in TMS? I will look over the Admin Guide (which I should have consulted before posting - for some reason the TMS guide is one I keep forgetting to check!

Endpoint monitoring would also be good in the future. I will certainly raise this, but if the above is not configurable to sen email alerts, I will raise this too.


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