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Chris Swinney

Is there a way to tell what Transform is actioned as part of the Call Search via a VCS?

Hey All,

We have several similar transforms in place on a VCS as part of the dial plan, but I can't see anything in the search history that tells me which actual transform is actioned as part of the call search. All I see is that the look up was transformed.

Basically, we have a RegEx transform that I don't believe is being actioned even though it is a higher priority than another transform that does look like it gets actioned. I'm not sure why this is as the constructed the way I want and passes the Pattern Check tool built into the VCS.



If you look at your search history, and even if you do a Locate (Maintenance > Tools), there should be a something like the below within the search history. 

Just below that it will tell you what the alias has been transformed into, however I don't see where or if at all is specifies which transform it is using.

  • SubSearch (1)
    • Type: Transforms
    • Action: Transformed

You could use Check pattern (Maintenance > Tools) to test transforms to see if you would get the desired results you're looking for.  Also note, that you should think carefully about your transform priorities in relation to one another, as one transform might match before another and possibly prevent the later from even transforming the alias to what you want.

Thanks Patrick, but you have essentially paraphrased everything I wrote.

  • I know the search history shows the search has been transformed, but it doesn't say by which transform rule
  • I know that the RegEx is doing what I think it should be doing as I have already checked the Pattern Match Tool
  • I know that the priority is important and that other rules might get in the way. This is exactly what I am trying to establish. It appears that a later rule is affecting the search, rather than the RegEx I have inserted above. However, as shown in the point above, the pattern matches are correct.

I'm not quite sure how else I should write this (albiet, my poor English and Dyslexia got in the way of completeing a sensible last sentence).

Hi Chris!

It does not seem to be possible by today, if no one comes up with a better answer I would

recommend you to think of making a feature request which could be

* show name/priority of transform in search rule

* option for diagnostics logging

On a search rule the "Name" is shown in the search history, on a transform it like you wrote

not listed.

I wondered if it shows up in a diagnostics session, but also there no real info, even after I tried

enabling some developer log functions, the most I got was:

2013-04-23T04:33:12+00:00 vcsc tvcs: UTCTime="2013-04-23 04:33:12,609" Module="" Level="DEBUG" CodeLocation="ppcmains/oak/search/TransitLocationNode.cpp(904)" Method="TransitLocationNode::TRANSITLOCATIONNODEFSM_Idle_doTLNRunReq" Thread="0x7fe9d372d700":  this="0x7fe9d512bd80" After pre-search transforms,,, bAliasTransformed=true

As the transforms are handled by priority I would have suggested just use the pattern tool, but

as you wrote thats your problem that it fits the pattern tool but no action is taken on the transform.

Just that you are aware, only the first matching transform will be taken. Its not possible to do two

transforms within the same lookup.

Also think of using search rules instead of transforms, they might give you more powerful options.

Could you list the transforms and alias in question which do not work as you expect?

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Thanks Martin - I will do as you suggest.

Indeed, we are at a stage where we need to start implementing sub zones and search rules. Our initial roll out didn't require these, but as the complexity grows, so we are finding that we are running out to steam with things like transforms. We are also seeing other strange behaviors in that when trying to find an certain endpoints by initiating a Locate via the VCS Tools, a search is successful, yet when a call is placed, the search times out. Still this is only a rarity and something that was done a a quick test.

We shall be hitting the administrator guide again shortly.

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