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ISDN_GW 3241 and MCU 4205

What's up people,

been long time to open a discussion and i must to admit it is the best place to find answers.

am working to set-up ISDN gateway and MCU both together without external gatekeeper using the built-in gatekeeper feature in MCU 4205.

i've been reading the admin guides for both devices but still i miss something really important regarding the dial plan. am looking for sufficient dial plan to route calls from h.320 to h.323 and vice versa.

as you are aware of, when you apply for PRI line the PSTN company provides unique number which has let's say 100 extension, at this point i will consider this PRI number as 0212345xx where xx from 00-99 giving me 100 extension to be utilized over the network.

starting with the configuration i do understand it is a must to enable the gatekeeper of the MCU and register itself and ofcourse register any endpoint to that specific IP address of MCU as their gatekeeper.

the ISDN gateway has to be configured as Gateway in the MCU

after setting up the above, Dial Plans are the major settings to be successfuly configured to route calls from H.320 to H323 and from H.323 to H.320

my concersn are :

1- is it possible if someone from the outside PSTN is calling one of the extension e.g 0212345 01 to route the call to a specific endpoint. lets say i want to hire specific number for a Director and everyone over the PSTN call him direclty?

2- if above is not accomplished, then how tp setup the simple dial plan to route calls between h320 and h323 using auto attendant and even the MCU?

Thanks Cisco,

Martin Koch

1 yes, there is a _HIGH_ risk

you can make a dialplan and filter on the source caller id, but that can also be spoofed if you know what you need to do.

I am also not sure what capabilities the internal GK of the MCU has, it might be very limited and not

properly usable anyhow (like gw-prefix registrations).

I would go with a proper call control with the capability to handle auth. and policies like the VCS.

2 RTFM :-)

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