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ISR G2 and EX60 video Conference


I have configure and heterogeneous conference bridge on an ISR G2 router (PVDM3-256).

I have configure 3 video class , ulaw, CIF and H.264 codec only.

I can conference 9971's and 9951 video phones but if i try to add a EX60, The EX60 gets only audio.

Everything is register on CUCM 8.6

Any ideas?




I've got the same issue here. Did you ever found a sollution to the problem?



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Try to configure a homogenous bridge instead. You might also try 360p.

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Nico Bellack


I have a problem, too. I'm using a SX20 with TC6.2, an EX60 with TC6.3 and an EX60 with TC5.1 I found out, that I need TC6.x to get the "join" button on the Touch 8. In TC6.x I can configure the Multipoint Mode to "CUCMMediaResourceGroupList". Otherwise the EX60 wouldn't request the video conferencing ressource.

I configured a homogeneous video conference dsp profile with h264 720p frame-rate 30 an 2mbps.

The CUCM is 9.1.2SU1 ISR G2 is used, but there is only a Audio connection between the three Endpoints.

I'm a little bit confused, because in the "show voip rtp connections" output and in a wireshark trace I can see, that the CUCM works as an "IP-to-IP" Gateway. The Media Flows of the Endpoints are terminated at the CUCM and the CUCM initiates new sessions to the ISR. I never saw that before.



If you look at the CUCM logs you will likely see that CUCM is looking to engage an MTP between the video endpoints and the video CFB due to DTMF mismatch.  CUCM is looking in the MRGL of either the video endpoints or the video CFB (I forget which) to find an available MTP.  Based on your statement that the media flows terminate on CUCM, it would seem that CUCM is selecting the CUCM Software MTPs provided by the CUCM IP Voice Media Service.  Those MTPs do not support "codec transparent" which is required for an MTP to pass video.

Make sure all of the endpoints and the video CFB media device itself have access to an IOS SW MTP configured with the "codec transparent" statement via their MRGL or the MRGL provided by their device pool.  You may also need to make sure this MTP is in an MRG that is higher in the MRGL than the MRG containing the CUCM SW MTP.  This should solve the issue.  The same ISR G2 you have running the video CFB may be able to provide this IOS SW MTP.


Hi Nick,

ur right! after configuring a SW MTP it works!

thx for ur help!



Nick is correct and this does fix the issue with EX60, EX90 and E20 endpoints.


I created a MTP profile on the ISR router where I am hosting the video bridge, created a new MTP in CUCM, and tested.  Works as expected....


This is the code used on the ISR for MTP:

dspfarm profile 10 mtp  

 codec g729br8

 codec pass-through

 maximum sessions software 500

 associate application SCCP



This is the "show sccp connections" output in a 3 way video bridge call:


sho sccp connections 

sess_id    conn_id      stype mode     codec   sport rport ripaddr conn_id_tx


16793381   16783320     mtp   sendrecv pass_th 16838 17266           

16793381   16783319     mtp   sendrecv pass_th 16836 17264           

16793381   16783318     mtp   sendrecv pass_th 16832 16834           

16793381   16783317     mtp   sendrecv pass_th 16828 16830           

16793382   16783313     mtp   sendrecv pass_th 16826 16526           

16793382   16783312     mtp   sendrecv pass_th 16822 16524           

16793382   16783311     mtp   sendrecv pass_th 16818 16824           

16793382   16783310     mtp   sendrecv pass_th 16816 16820           

16793380   16783325     vcf   sendrecv h264    16842 31350 16783326  

16793380   16783324     vcf   sendrecv g711u   16840 20894           

16793380   16783322     vcf   sendrecv h264    16834 16832 16783323  

16793380   16783321     vcf   sendrecv g711u   16830 16828           

16793380   16783315     vcf   sendrecv h264    16824 16818 16783316  

16793380   16783314     vcf   sendrecv g711u   16820 16816           


Total number of active session(s) 3, and connection(s) 14






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