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Issue with Apple TV and SX20



I have an apple TV (Gen 2 w/ current software) and an SX20 (with current software as well). I wanted to use the Apple TV to display the contents of Airplay devices (iPhones and iPads) while in a video conference.

I have been able to display the stream from the apple tv on my secondary display, however, on the primary display it says "No Video Signal". Yet, the weird part is behind the slightly transparent error message that says "no video signal" is the stream from the apple TV.

When in a video call, I cannot seem to share the apple tv's video stream with the far side. I cannot select "share content" on the touch pad.


Things I have done so far:

- Forced the DVI display to be in Digital Only (only way to show content on any of the displays).

- Tried different cables. Same thing. (using a DVI-D to HDMI cable).

- PC content works just fine (using a lenovo thinkpad W530 using a DVI to VGA cable - the one that was included in the box with the SX20)


I have attached some pictures of this to demonstrate that I am, infact, not insane :P

VIP Advisor

Not having an AppleTV where I

Not having an AppleTV where I have an SX20, or vice versa, I can't test it at the moment for you, but it should work - have you checked the settings on the AppleTV to check that you're outputting an appropriate resolution/refresh rate?

There's some quick guides on changing it on the Apple discussion forums, or a video on YouTube.

Note though, you're not going to get any audio from your AppleTV with a DVI cable.

Another thing, if the SX20 isn't auto detecting the signal properly on the DVI input, you may need to change the Source 2 Visibility to "Always" which will fix your "share content" button problem as it'll permanently enable that input source.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

I gave it a try this morning.

I gave it a try this morning. with no such luck though.

I set the DVI port to "Always" however, it says now "no PC Connected", however the content is still being displayed the same with the error on the main display.

When click the share button that is now forced to be on the screen it disappears and I need to unplug the DVI port from the Apple TV and plug it back in for it to appear on screen again.

I attempted at changing the resolution on the Apple TV and changing the threshold on the port to no success.


Anything else I could try?

When in a call, i can "Force"

When in a call, i can "Force" the presentation mode in the "Call Control" screen on the web interface. The touch pad still says "no signal" but, the participant can see the presentation.

Works, but weird, and not for end users.

VIP Advisor

What software version are you

What software version are you running on your SX20?

I can't remember anything specific mentioned for an Apple TV in the release notes for anything recently, but I have a recollection there were some "Mac" resolution fixes in  one of the firmware versions - so updating to a newer version may help.

The Current software version today is TC7.2.0.

If you have an active service contract on your device, you should be able to download the newer software from the cisco web site.  If you don't have a valid service contract, you can seek a free software upgrade through the TAC to fix the OpenSSL security vulnerabilities in earlier software as per Cisco-SA-20140605-OpenSSL.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.


Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

At this point I have engaged

At this point I have engaged TAC too, so we shall see if there is a resolution to the problem.


In the mean time, I have upgraded the unit's code to TC7.2.0.aea6651. No help from that... still the same issue.

However, now it gets stranger. I have finally received my long awaited HDMI to Mini Displayport adapter to use with my PC. This ALSO causes the same issue I am experiencing with the Apple TV, which leads me to beleive its not an HDCP issue or an issue with the Apple TV at all, but rather an issue with the HDMI signalling in general.

Any thoughts?


I am trying to achieve

I am trying to achieve something similar but the latest Apple TV has an HDMI output port only for video. I am not understanding how I can connect the SX (or MX) codec to the apple TV to ahve the videoconference stream shown on the screen connected to the AppleTV. The codec is on the network using a bridge for VC. The Apple TV is on the network but does not support H.323 or SIP so I cannot connect that to the bridge. The Apple TV is connected to the external screen on the HDMI port.


If you could help me clarifying the connectivity and whether you had any news from the last 7 months, it would be helpful.


Thank you

Cisco Employee

First thing that comes to

First thing that comes to mind is HDCP, endpoint does not have support for HDCP. Same issues with playstation and blue rays.

Support for this might be included in newer software versions but currently I am not sure if it is planned in the near future. Even if HDCP will be supported, it will only be supported locally and cannot be streamed.





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