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I just had the above where

I just had the above where SIP was active but H.323 was failing - reason being authentication.

Don't know if this will help anyone, but the reason was actually because the VCSc (Client) wasn't time synchronised (ntp server on client failed).

Added a new NTP server and it came up straight away :).

Suspecting authentication process involves time stamps etc?

Cisco Employee

Correct, H.323 traversal link

Correct, H.323 traversal link the credential information crypt by using time information, but not for SIP traversal link.

This is reason why you see such different behavior for H.323 and SIP traversal link connection.

Re: Issues with VCS Traversal zone - SIP

I managed to get the SIP traversal zone up.

The VCS-C and VCS-E also had a neighbour zone in addition to the traversal zone.  I deleted the neighbour zone then SIP on the traversal zone came straight up.  I then recreated the neighbour zone and both zones stayed up with both SIP and H323....

I restarted my VCS-E to make sure both zones would come back up and they did.

Weird, but it's working

Re: Issues with VCS Traversal zone - SIP

Unfortunately this has been causing more issues.  While I was able to get the traversal zone working as per above, the neighbour zone between the VCS-C and VCS-E now doesn't work.  Both SIP and H323 show as "active", but whenever I send a call via the neighbour zone it says "out of call resources".  If I then disable or delete the traversal zone, the neighbour zone starts working fine.

Is there any reason I can't have both a neighbour and traversal zone between the same set of VCS-C and VCS-E?


Re: Issues with VCS Traversal zone - SIP

Hi Nick,

have you solved the problem?

Re: Issues with VCS Traversal zone - SIP

No - I've implemented a workaround so that I can still make calls work, but I still can't get a SIP traversal and SIP neighbour zone to work at the same time.

Cisco Employee

Re: Issues with VCS Traversal zone - SIP

Hi Nick,

we would like to know why you have such a wierd requirement to configure the VCS-Exp both as traversal and neighbor?

i am trying to understand the scneario here?



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