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Lync Integration with Tandberg + Edge Server

We are integrating Lync with our Tandberg systems and are having issues with connecteed edge users running video conferences. 

Now, we have Tandberg talking to Lync over OCS.  The integration is done through our OCS server.  This needs to be moved to Tandberg so that we can enable the Edge server functionality.

TLS has not been enabled on the OCS Server, only MTLS and TCP. I'm not sure if that needs to be on or not.

I believe we need to enable B2B in order for this to work but need a hand doing so as this is new to me.


Lync Server

Edge Server

Tandberg VCS

Tandberg VCS Expressway

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Lync Integration with Tandberg + Edge Server

Hi Tom,

Please check the below document for more details.

check the appendix on page 101 and 102 it gives you a idea for your deployment scenario.

we recommend to use TLS between the VCS control and Lync server.

Although there are other things as well in the deployment which you might want to take care of like Lync server media encryption.

VCS can modify this SRTP headers if you have the Enhanced OCS collaboration key is installed. However this key is not required in every deplyoment scenario. If you have one call leg encrypted and other non-encrypted the B2BUA functionality will be able to take care of it.

As i said we recommend TLS and not TCP. In my lab i tried to make this connection using TCP but somehow i couldn't make it active. Although TLS work great in my lab. I found hard to troubleshoot the TCP connection!!

Also for the calls via external lync clients i would recommend to use the TURN service of expressway if you have option keys for TURN relay.

We recommend to use B2BUA as with OCS you might get problem related to video freez on lync client and using B2BUA will eliminate this problem.



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