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manual phone book on Polycom at remote sites


I got several Polycom HDX endpoints which are correctly registered to TMS. On the systems located at the same LAN (but diffrent IP Subnets) I mapped a manual phonebook. Everything is fine so far. It is not possible to map this manual phonebook to systems at remote sites, there it is only possible to map a phonebook with all the registered endpoints in it. The remote sites are connected over a VPN and there is nothing blocked between the endsystem and TMS. Is there a limitation in mapping manaual phonebooks or does anyone have an idea, why I suddenly can't map this manual phonebook anymore?



Zac Colton
Cisco Employee

Are you not able to set the phonebook for the system in TMS? Or are the endpoints not receiving the phonebook data? WHat are the details of the phone book contacts? SIP? H323? IP? Have you tested with disabling the "route phonebook entries" in the TMS under the general settings page?

I'm able to set the phonebook in TMS, but on the Polycom I never get the green check mark. The phonebook consists only manual SIP entries. I tried to disable  "route phonebook entries" in TMS, this is resulting in a green check mark on the system, but the phonebook entry on the endpoint is empty (no SIP address, no IP address), it's just empty exept of the name.

Leave the setting for route phonebook entries to on. On the Polycom endpoint, does it still show a green check mark in the GDS listing? Uncheck register and click update. Uncheck the "Save Global Directory to System" option. With this enabled, there coulc be an issues with the Polycom caching onld phonebook data. Check register and click update. It would be normal for the icon displayed to be the diasabled symbol as the Polycom is not fully aware of the registration yet to the PLCM service on TMS. Navigate awat from the page, and then go back. By then you should see it is a green check mark. Now go to the Place a Call page, and select the directory option. What do you have listed?

During this procedure, you could run a packet capture on TMS to verify was is being reguested. The listening port on the TMS is TCP 3601. The traffic is in clear text, so you should be able to read it.

An other quick question: Is the Polyom registered to a gatekeeper or is it stand alone? If registered, is it SIP or H323?

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