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Haydn von Imhof

MCU and ISDN GW Content Issue

Hi All.

I have the following problem.

I have a Codian MCU 4510 and a Codian 3241 ISDN GW.

I have a number of Tandberg and Cisco endpoints registered on the built in gatekeeper on the MCU.

If I add IP endpoints as well as ISDN endpoints into a bridge call and share presentation only the IP participants receive the presentation. The ISDN participants don’t receive anything.

All system IP and ISDN are setup with H239 enabled.

The MCU content setting are set as follows:

Content Status: Enabled

Display Content in normal video channel: Disabled

Video fast update request filtering: Disabled

Markup of content channel video: Enabled

Automatic content handover: Disabled

Does anyone have an idea on why the ISDN participants don’t receive content?

Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee

HI Haydn - Good morning.  If you can, check if H239 is enabled on the dialplan (if dialing IP to ISDN) for the GW.  If your using custom codec selection, and do have custom codec selected, make sure to check H263 and H264.  Also check if your using custom codec selection and do not have H263 checked.  This may preclude the GW sending H263 capset for content since some codecs may not be able to send content over H264. 

If the GW is checked and using all the codecs, check the conference configuration page and make sure its checked for running Transcoded mode and Automatic for codec selection etc. 

If everything looks ok in the conference, reproduce the problem, send snapshots of the following pages:

1) Send content to the isdn endpoint, and verify it isn't receiving it. 

2) Snapshot conference page on MCU.

3) For the endpoint coming over isdn, click on that participant, navigate to diagnostics and snapshot the entire page.

What I'm looking for on the diagnostics page is to see if the GW sent support for content to the MCU.  If the Received side says no support for content was received, double check GW and the endpoint. 

If none of the above, h323 log from MCU and ISDN GW would be needed to see a bit further.  Config's from both isdn gw and MCU would be helpful as well. 



Hi Patrick


Thanks for the reply.

I upgraded the MCU this morning and that seems to have resolved my problem.

I will run some more tests to confirm all is work.

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