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Missing field/data when exporting from the TMS

Hello all!

This is my first post here so I hope that this in the correct community topic... I also tried searching but could not find any topics on this.

I have a problem when exporting data from our TMS (version 13.2.2), I look under Reporting --> Call Detail Record --> MCU and enter the wanted date interval and filtering system and then hit the Data tab and use the function/button Export Excel.

So far all is well, but... I miss one information that I really need for my statistics processing in Excel - this missing field I can find under Monitoring --> Conference Control Center (the field/column "Title").

Anyone here that knows how I can get that field (Title) into the Reporting export?

So far I have been forced to manually write these titles down as I even cannot copy and paste from that Java window. Thanks in advance - all help will be greatly appreciated!

/Rikard, Compodium International

Cisco Employee

The reports found under Reporting in TMS are in-built reports within TMS...meaning you can't edit them.

However, have you looked at the Reporting > Conferences reports, i.e. Resources, Events. These reports contain the title, in any.

If that doesn't give you what you need, then I would look into TMSAE.

Hi Rikard!

In deployments where all calls go through VCSs and programming knowledge is

in house you could also check out the feedback receiver or the cpl server to

gather data about calls and make your own statistic overview.

I assume you use a Cisco / Codian MCU? There you can also enable the CDR logging,

download the data via the API or on most as well via FTP and analyze that.

There might also be some 3rd party products which give you report capabilities.

I guess if you are an SQL expert you will find that info in the TMSNG DB as well,

the official way would be to use the TMSAR="TelePresence Management Suite Analytics Extension"

Dale: what is the status of TMEAE? Had the feeling its expensive, not widely deployed and not really

actively developed?

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

Hello Folks!

I have started to look at this via SQL, but what table under tmsng do you recommend querying (I cannot find a database called tmsae through)...?


/Rikard, Compodium

TMSAE (TMS Analytics Extension) is an extension product of TMS that you have to purchase and install.

Here's a link to the Admin guide:

You can find the TMSAE external release notes and install docs under the TMS extensions page:

And it's still alive and supported


Well... We have looked at that tool and it most like will not be the ideal solution for us... For instance we have several clients running on the same TMS so I need to separate them all (using the Title field).

So we are thinking of exporting all the needed data via SQL (using MS SQL Server Management Studio) and process the information in a spreadsheet s/w, but I do not know which table to query - tmsng --> dbo.objSystemConferenceCDR looked promising at first but that does not seem to contain all posts/"conferences"...

Any deia which table to query in order to get them all?


/Rikard, Compodium International

Rikard, we do not support direct querying of the database in this fashion.  These are internal data structures that are not documented nor release controlled like an API.

Given you are looking into customization - you might want to look at querying the bridge's API directly.

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