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Monitor Roles - how to make sure far end caller and content appear where you want it?

We have a solution with a codec pro, a primary 98" display, and secondary 65" display adjacent to it, there is a tertiary 55" repeater display on the side wall.


The clients desire is to have the following on the screens in the different scenarios, but we can't seem to get this working:


In a call - no presenation

98" = Far end

65" = Self view

55" = Nothing


In a call - presenting content

98" = Presentation

65" = Far End

55" =  Presentation


Outside of a call - presenting content

98" = Presentation

65" = Self View

55" = Presentation


The 55" could be set up as a presentation only display, but default behaviour in a dual screen set up with the 98" as First and the 65" as second, would mean that either the presentation would not show on the 98" when in a call, or if the roles were swapped that 98" would be blank when in a call but not sharing a presentation.


I'm sure there must be something that can be done with layouts and monitor roles to achieve this, but can't seem to get it to work.



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Basically you're looking for the 98 to be in the primary role when there is no content, but switch to secondary role when there is content? There is no way to automatically do that - I'm not sure if you can switch them in call using the layout options on the Touch 10 - I'd see what you can do there. 


I'm curious about the self view - I think using full screen self view when in a call is distracting, but I've seen people do it so they know what the far end is seeing. But in your third scenario - there is no call, why in the world would they want self view on in that case?

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