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Movi registration fails VCS Starter Pack

I am having issues getting Movi users to register to the VCS Expressway Starter pack.

Findme address, user account and local database accounts are setup and consistent.

Default Zone and Default subzone set to Check Credentials.

I can resolve the IP address of the VCS Starter Pack on the local LAN. DNS entries are present.

Looking at the Movi logs it sends a Register message and receives a Notify message but when it tries to register it cannot. I see a SIP_Unregister_And_Unsubscribe message repeated, then a SIP_Reset_To_Idle_Req.

User is authenticating ok as if I try an incorrect password it fails on authentication.

Any help appreciated.



Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee

Do you see proper SIP proxy IP address in notify message?

Please note user account and provisioning account name is case sensitive for VCS-E Starter Pack, therefore worst case authentication success but VCS can’t find matchup provisioning account information and then send empty notification message back to Movi client which end up registration failure.

This is the NOTIFY message below:


Contact: "VCS Provisioning Service" <>

From: <>>;tag=109e980d03ef64ad

To: <>>;tag=ad34319ae243dd0a

Max-Forwards: 69

Record-Route: <>

Record-Route: <>

Event: ua-profile;model=movi;;profile-type=user;version=;clientid="S-1-5-21-3376174651-2430138573-399430644";connectivity=0

P-Asserted-Identity: <>>

Subscription-State: active

X-TAATag: 107e3c40-c5e2-11e1-86b0-0010f323edb8

Content-Type: text/xml

Content-Length: 599

IP Address of is the VCS Expressway starter pack.

All user ids are lower case and consistent.



Are you deploying VCS-E Starter Pack on local network ( or in DMZ with NAT configuration?

Is your PC reachable directly?

I've discovered the cause of the problem.

The Cluster name was in upper case. Should have been in lower cases. Did not realise that the cluster name was case sensitive. I do now!

Thanks for your quick response though.


Oh ok, great.

Please note that if you change cluster name, you might need to recreate your FindMe account, which probably you already see in warning message when you modify the cluster name and save it.


I have this problem with registering the latest Jabber video. I am reading the documentations but still unable to register it. I have registered SIP phone and H323 based phone and even can manage transversal calls over the firewall but the Jabber video has been eluding me.

my internal facing nic's IP for my VCS expressway starter pack is and the internal domain is jabber1.XXXX.

i have only 1 VCS in my test environment but i think i still need a cluster. So I called the cluster jabber1.XXXX

I created 2 DNS SRV records on my DNS server

_sip._tcp.jabber1.XXXX 5060 mapped to vcs.jabber1.XXXX

_sips._tcp.jabber1.XXXX 5060 mapped to vcs.jabber1.XXXX

I have 1 DNS A records mapping vcs.jabber1.XXXX to

Can you advise where I am going wrong?

> _sips._tcp.jabber1.XXXX 5060 mapped to vcs.jabber1.XXXX

Port for _sips should be “5061”.

_sips._tcp.jabber1.XXXX 5061 mapped to vcs.jabber1.XXXX

For Jabber Video provisioning, do you enable “Jabber Video device” in Principal devices setting on specific provisioning user account you are testing with?

Do you see URL:user1@ vcs.jabber1.XXXX?


I got the sips mapped to 5061.

Below is what I think should be created. But dont you think FINDME should be student1@jabber1.gkuc instead of student1@vcs.jabber1.gkuc? Please advise

If your SIP domain for this VCS Starter Pack Expressway is jabber1.gkuc, then yes, URL should be



I got it working. Thanks. Cant imagine such a small matter had eluded the Jabber Video client deployment all this while.

I also would like to know if I can use LDAP as the authentication server for my users. I had tested this jabber video deployment only for for local database authentication meanwhile in another setup I am using LDAP to authenticate users. Hoping you could advise me on this?

Hi Khorheesoo,

yes you can use LDAP server for authentication. see the text and how from:

The VCS supports 3 different methods of verifying authentication credentials:

- against an on-box local database

- via an LDAP connection to an external H.350 directory service

- via direct access to an Active Directory server using a Kerberos connection

(NTLM challenges only)

Page 8

Hi Ahmad and Taniguchi-san,

I figured out the LDAP authentication. It works great. Once I had that sorted and making calls, now I am facing this small error keep popping up for my Jabber Video. Another item I noticed when i am doing a jabber video call, presentation sharing is showing in my call screen but not on the screen of the person I am calling. Any advise?

can you please share a screenshot of the problem?

regards, Ahmad

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