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Movi won't display other Movi users (phonebook problem)


in that case I recommend you get a case opened with TAC to troubleshoot further.



Cisco Employee

Re: Movi won't display other Movi users (phonebook problem)

Hi Juergen

Go to the source an click force refresh.

Go to the phone book --> phone book source activity status. What does it say there?

The interesting log from tms in this case would likely be the log-tmsagent.log can be downloaded from the tms server maintenance site.

I think the way to go is to follow andreas's advise and open a tac case.


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Re: Movi won't display other Movi users (phonebook problem)

Hi Magnus,

Phone book acitivity status tells me "100% Event successful".

In log-tmsagent I see to all of my Movi contact following error:

btpool0-7] WARN  com.tandberg.tms.phonebook.PhoneBookServiceImpl  - Tried deleting a contact from a group the contact does not exist in.

What does that mean?



Cisco Employee

Re: Movi won't display other Movi users (phonebook problem)

Hi Juergen

Well this depends on where you see this error. Do you see it pop up every time you click force refresh on the source, I mean so you know this error is generated by the fact that the source cannot populate the phonebook?

I think it's strange that you see 100% sucessful. Are you sure you looked at the Source activity status? If you do not see any contacts this would in most cases fail and you will see that it was unable to sync. Force refresh will sync the source with the phonebook. The source IS connected to the phonebook right?

You could try to delete the source and the phonebook and re-create them from scratch to see if this resolves your issue. Create the source as source type "Provisioning directory" and a new phonebook named Provisioning Phonebook. Connect the source to the phonebook and see if you see any entries in view contacts now, if not click force refresh on the source and if it still does not populate, look at the latest log entry in log-tmsagent and look at the source activity status, not phonebook activity status.

If you see entries, go to access control and give access to the movi users. Now they should pop up in the movi directory.

If you are still stuck I must strongly advise you to raise a TAC case so that someone can help you out in more depth through a webex as this forum is meant for basic questions and minor troubleshooting disussions. 



Re: Movi won't display other Movi users (phonebook problem)

Not sure if I got this wrong, my understanding was that Movi users can be searched within movi application even if they are not provisioned in TMS phonebook, if the user has logged in for at least once. And the phonebook in TMS for Movi is used for the end points to add the movi phonebook. Isnt this correct ?



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