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MSE 8510 max 80 participants per Call?

Currently have a cluster of three MSE 8510 blades running 4.3 and our media port mode is HD, allowing for 60 HD video ports and 60 audio ports.

We just had a conference where the MCU would not allow any more than 80 participants (it was a mix of audio and video) in this particular call, but you other calls on the MCU were just fine, meaning people could still dial into them with no issues.  Does the MCU limit each conference to 80 participants no matter video/audio?


MSE 8510 max 80 participants per Call?

The only 80 port limit I am aware of is the 80-nHD ports.

Never tried that, did not see any limit like that, but I would not exclude it neither.

Neither sure if that is a bug or a feature, ...

What did you set as limits for participants on that conference? Nothing or 80/80,

does it behave different if you set it up different?

What did the conference status say during the conference?

If you say that more participants could join, I would simply cascade two conferences

and set one up as audio only. Not sure is this more some kind of broadast event or

do you really have 80 people to contribute? If not then I would set for example audio muted

initially by default on at least the phone dial in conference. People who need to talk

can unmute via *6, thats quite handy with multiple users.

Webex might be also something to investigate for you.

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MSE 8510 max 80 participants per Call?


Thanks for the quick response.  To answer your questions:

-We have our participant limit set to nothing

-As far as setting the conference up differently, no we have not done that, we utilize TMS to schedule our calls, we currently have port reservation turned off

-I am not sure what the conference status says durning the conference, this issue got passed on to me

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