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MSE8510 Multiple Interfaces

Looking at the documentation has not helped.

The media blade has 4 network interfaces A - D.

In the web configuration, I can see ports A and B, so I am assuming that C and D are for future use.

Now can I have port A on my internal network and port B on a DMZ off my firewakk and use that connection for conferences that have endpoints that are calling in from the Internet and the internal connection for internal users and we all meet on the blade.

Thoughts and drawbacks?



You need a license to activate port B.

I should put my money on an expressway solution insteed and with that you will get a proper fw traverser and an up to date solution for uri/ip dailing



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If I remember it correctly at least the 8510 blases shall come with the dual interface or I think its

called Video Firewall option.

Anyhow, I would recommend running the MCU behind a firewall and use VCSs for outside connectivity.

If you havent deployed a vcs, you should really look into that as this gives you proper B2B calls

incl. URI dialing and firewall traversal.


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As Martin has mentioned, to activate Port B on an 8510 Media2 Blade you need to have the Video Firewall Option Key installed.


Could you please inform the license to activate port B?



Could you please inform the license to activate port B?


Video firewall feature will enable the Port B on MCU.

Please note this option enable the Port B, but will not support NAT configuration.

If you are planning to deploy MCU in DMZ with NAT configuration, strongly recommend to deploy VC solution with VCS Expressway and let VCS Expressway to be public network interface.


Good day, even in 2013 after several revisions, the answer I got this morning is still the following:

You can reference the details on he below installation guide, and on Page 7:

"Note: Ethernet Ports B, C and D may not be supported in the software supplied with your blade. Do not connect to these ports unless the web interface allows you to configure them. Do not connect multiple ports to the same subnet unless instructed to do so by the web interface."

No status as of if and when Cisco plans to use these other two wasted ports.


Dont see your issue here, in comparison to the cost of an ethernet port, espeically compared to the

all over costs for the blade and licenses. It would be worse if they just had used one, just picture how loud

you would should then if you need a second one ;-)

As you red above, the B port is usable and if I see it right the firewall option for 8510 is free of charge.

That said, I definitly prefer to use a VCS-C/-E combo rather then using a secondary port on the MCU.

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