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Multisite - Live 'Call Waiting' ?

We have numerous teams with 'magic window' displays - a VC unit in one global office which maintains an open connection with either one other office's screen (point-to-point) or dials into a dedicated bridge line. Usually the mic is kept muted, unless the team wants to grab someone's attention. It helps build a sense of community and makes it easy to know whether someone is at their desk before you try to call them.


Here's the wrinkle: one team wants to call more than one of these endpoints / bridges at once, using the multisite license on the codec. But they don't want to bridge the audio, or video, between sites. So I'm wondering if it's possible to use custom macros and 'only while in call'-style buttons to allow them to choose which site to talk to when the mic is unmuted, without sending their audio (or a 'composed' layout like a bridge would typically create) to the *other* far end(s) that aren't 'selected' right now. Kind of like live 'call waiting', where you switch between callers but can still see the video from the people you're not presently talking to.


Is this feasible? 

VIP Advisor

It depends on what you mean by "feasible"... you could have a bunch of macros set up and have all the codecs interacting and selectively being able to control each other's mutes or volume settings, and using the the layout and matrix commands - but it could be very ugly and would also depend on the models of codecs you have at each of the sites and what they are capable of.

This may all get very complex very quickly - perhaps some other system (IP cameras, or intercom type system) instead of using Collaboration Endpoints would be an easier option.

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