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MX300 & C40 Codec registration with CUCM 8.5.1

Dear All,

A few questions here:

1.One of my customers has MX300 G1  & C40 codec running version TC5.1.6.298375 and want to register them with CUCM Are the above video endpoints can be compatible with CUCM 8.5.1?

2. Since, I do not find the device type, I try to register them as third party sip device (basic), but it is failing with ' Device type mismatch ' error , am I going in the right direction?

3. If not what would be the workaround for this.

4. Assuming If they are registered, and I have got a SIP trunk on CUCM for skype 4 business (SFB), can they be able to establish video call with skype clients using SIP URI?

5. I also tried to register these video endpoints with skype front end server, and I get 480 temporarily unavailable.

Please suggest, thanks in advance.

Rafal Szeremeta
Cisco Employee

Hi Syed


Did you check in compatibility Matrix, release notes for CUCM and endpoints registered?

If device is not listed in CUCM you need to install device pack or upgrade CUCM and you need valid service contract for that.

I dont think there is other supported way to do it. Also CUCM 8.6 is end of support so you should upgrade it anyway.




I have latest device pack on CUCM 8.5.1, and the release note does not have the phone type. Upgrading CUCM is the actually plan but that may take some time, so looking for a workaround solution.

i tried to register them as H323 clients but no luck.

Do the said video endpoints can be registered with Expressway-C? And then create neighbour zone towards Skype for business for two way calling between expressway and SFB?


You can register your endpoints with Expressway-C. But your Expressway-C must have Room licenses for SIP registration. Which version of Expressway-C you use ?

For integration and two-way calls with S4B you should have CMS or Expressway/VCS with MS intropobility key.

br Oleksandr

Thanks for your reply..

I do not have expressway in my environment, I am looking around for options. 

How about if I build new CUCM version 12 with a required telepresence licenses to register these videos endpoints?

Hope CUCM support the above endpoints natively?

Also, the video endpoints are running TC5.1.6 version, and I have red some where that they need TC7.2 version, so do they need release keys for upgrade?

I aslo need multiparty conference feature, does MX300 G1 or C40 have multiparty license available?

You can register your MX300 and C40  at CUCM12 as native device.

For CUCM you need to buy TP-room licenses for these endpoints.

You can upgrade to TC7.2 whithout additional release keys.

For use multiparty you need to buy multiparty license for you endpoints.

br Oleksandr

Thank you for your help.

I shall start procuring the licenses as per your suggestion and keep you posted.

If your MX300 is G1, there is no multisite option. Also if you upgrade to latest CUCM you can certainly get these endpoints registered, but that are not inter-operable with Skype for Business video, you will need a gateway, either with CMS as mentioned above or a VCS/Expressway C with the MS interoperability key


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