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MX300 Standalone mode

Jason Weids

Can someone please help with an MX300 in standalone mode. I have checked all discussions on this in here & followed the recommendations in various threads but can't get this working in standalone mode.


The MX300 seems to dial out & appears to be in a call but no participant appears in the meeting room the other end & you do not get the prompt to enter meeting ID. We can see the call going out of our firewall & nothing being blocked. Any help appreciated.


I have attached the config & log file of an attempted call.



Rising star
Rising star

You aren't seeing anything blocked outbound, but your problem seems to be that you aren't getting traffic back. Is your firewall H.323 aware? If not it will not recognize the return traffic from the far end and send it to your internal address. Try putting the MX outside the firewall with a public address, if the same call works then you have a firewall issue. 

The firewall has recognised the outbound traffic as the application h.225 & h.245, according to Palo Alto these are the realtime protocols for h323. Of course, we have not created any rules for this it is just using our standard any-out rule so will try NATing it on the firewall with a public IP although, I am not convinced this will make a difference if it is aware of the h.225 & h.245 protocols.

Take a look at thread SX20 as standalone, have you configured the MX300 similar to Vivek's post, and have the necessary inbound firewall rules open?  Also, see Use Direct IP Address Calls Between Two Endpoints to Troubleshoot Call Quality Issues.

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