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Shams Rishad

MX700 Dual Camera Cannot Detect Additional Telepresence Precision 60 Camera



I have setup an MX700 dual camera and everything is working fine. I also have a third camera (Telepresence Precision 60) which is connected to the same LAN where my Touch 10 and the MX700 is connected to. This third camera remains undetected by the codec.


There is one point to mention, that I forgot to buy the power supply for this spare TP Presicion 60 camera, so I've used another power supply with the same power ratings, but the connector does not properly fill the power input jack, it is loose. Still I can see the camera LED blink, which says that the power is reaching the camera. However, I was just wondering that maybe the power supply is Cisco Proprietary (the connector itself) or there are some additional locking mechanism which won't unlock unless the exact power supply with the camera is used, PID: PSU-12VDC-40W2=


Because I believe, if the camera boots up normally, the camera would make some rotation, which it doesn't.


Any idea?



Rising star

I'm not sure about your power supply problem, but my guess on your camera problem is likely the network you have it connected to. The SX80 in the MX has three ethernet ports, one to connect to the LAN, the other two for peripherals, either Touch 10's or cameras. The Touch 10 can pair over the LAN, but I don't believe the camera will, that needs to be on the isolated network provided by those other two ports. Since you're using the Touch 10 over the network rather than directly connected as you normally would, you can probably just use your third camera in the port that would otherwise be used by the Touch 10. Normally with three cameras the recommendation would be to add a small switch and have everything plugged into it, and then that switch to one of the peripheral ports. 


As for the power, it might be worth just buying the right power supply, a loose connection, even if you get it to work, will likely be unreliable. 


Hope this helps!


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