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Vianyfel Cordaro

MX700: Gatekeeper H323

The MX is only recorded in SIP. In H323, do not take the Gatekeeper although seen in configuration, system information field n / d appears says inactive status. How I can solve the gatekeeper appears?


Hello Vianyfel -

The MX700 only supports one call control protocol, as it's a single-stack system, either H323 or SIP registration, and not both.  See the data sheet for more info, where it speaks about protocols.

I disable the SIP, and likewise I get gatekeeper: n /d, and the status does not say inactive.

What are you trying to register to it, VCS or CUCM, and what is the TC software version?

On the VCS,  only registered with SIP.

You need to unregister the endpoint as SIP, does that allow you to fill anything in for H323?  What if you restart the endpoint after you unregister it before you try H323.

Hello, I opened a case in Cisco I indicated the following:


  1. Currently in TC 7.2.x the endpoint only supports single registration.  So we can be registered as SIP OR H323, but not both at once.  This will also be addressed in TC 7.3 when dual registration will be supported.  If you configure a proxy in the configuration of the device and disable the network service for sip or H232 we will show this as disabled in the home section of the web interface.



registered as SIP OR H323, but not both at once.

That's what I said in my first reply.

Interesting that they're adding dual-stack support to allow both H323 and SIP at the same time.

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