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MXP F9.3.1 problems with MSE 8420 - 4.4(3.49)

I'm not sure how I'm going to validate my suspicions, but I'm wondering if there is a compatiblity issue between my MXP endpoints running F9.3.1 and my 8420 Media blades, running 4.4 (3.49).  I have had users telling me that the images they are seeing on bridged calls using my 8420 media blade from MXP endpoints were very blurry or fuzzy looking.  Call stats show that they are connected at H.264 so I thought it was just their perception...  Typically the users complaining were sitting in front of an SX20, so I thought they were expecting the MXP's SD camera to work as good as theirs.

Until yesterday when I was in a multipoint call, and i saw how bad the MXPs were.  It was a 7 site meeting, 5 of which were MXP.  4 out of the 5 looked terrible.  During the call, I web browsed to each endpoint and disabled H.264.  The video image improved 1000% immediately after doing this, and stayed good even after re-enabling H.264. 

I'm going to contact Cisco next week, but I was wondering if anyone has already encountered a problem like this, or if you had any suggestions of how I could narrow down the root cause of my problems.



For the record, all calls are H.323, no interworking at all.  All systems on the same network.


How does the calls look like, is there a vcs involved, is it a traversal or local call,

whats the used bitrate, any packet loss, limited MTU, anything else special?

MXP had HD cams as well, only the older ones hat the wave-II pal/ntsc sd cams.

Did not hear any complaints here with 9.3.1 / mxp3000 hd or sd cams with 768kbit and

a 8420 with Software version 4.4(3.49)

There is a later version out as well for the MCU which you could try.

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify


You're right, Martin - I was a big vague, wasn't it.

There was a mixture of 880MXP and Edge codecs, all having the same problem, and all running F9.3.1, along with an SX20 and an EX60.

We have a VCS control running X7.2.2

Calls were mostly at 384Kbps, but the SX20 was at 512Kbps.  MTU has been set to 1400.  No exceptional packet loss.

I will try upgrading to the new MCU software and report back.  Thanks for pointing out that there was new software. 


I found the answer to this some time ago, and wanted to post the solution here in case someone else was looking for it.  The latest release for the MCU 8420 blade (4.4(3.67)), had a fix for this issue:

CSCuj30545 - In previous releases some participants appeared blurry to other participants on Cisco TelePresence MCU 4200 Series. This issue is now resolved.

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