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New DX70 to be registered with CUCM

Hi All,

I have a new DX70 registered with the Call manger V 10.5 on Version  sipdx70.10-2-5-213

I would need to convert this to a Android IOS. I stuck as i am not able to open the Web page of DX70 - it gives a Network page not displayed but it looks good and registered in the Call manger.

I need help to get in to the Web page of the device as i work remotely and need to know how to load the device with the Android IOS and have it registered with the Call Manger 


Hi Victor,

Can you check the CUCM config Under Device > Phone> Phone Configuration then Product Specific Configuration Layout ?  Check then if Web Access is enabled.  If not, set it to enable and Reset the device.



Thank you guys for your response

is any one aware Blue coat blocking the Android Device- Web Access for DX70? is there a port we need open for this? It was a new device, hence when it came in, it had the CE firmware and did not any issue in accessing the web of the device but after converting it to Android- iam getting this error.

Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: "Connection refused"
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

For assistance, contact your network support team.

Your request was categorized by Blue Coat Web Filter as 'none'.
If you wish to question or dispute this result, please click here.

The registration with the Call manger looks good as show below but i will need to get in to the Web to give in the TMS server information, is there a alternate for this?

Registration: Registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager <IP>
IPv4 Address: <Device IP>
Active Load ID: sipdx70.10-2-5-215
Inactive Load ID: sipdx70.10-2-5-213
Download Status: Successful


If the DX70 is running sipdx70.10-2-5-213, than it already is running Android software, however if it were running Collaboration Endpoint (CE) software, it would be something like sipdx70.ce831.190117.  If for some reason you need to convert between Android and CE software, take a look at Convert between CE software and Android-based software.

Hi Mate,

Is TMS supported on Android software? any idea..

or do i need to get the latest device pack installed and change the IOS to CE to have it added in TMS?

TMS supports DX70/80 when running CE8.2 software and later, TMS doesn't support endpoints running Android software, refer to the guide I linked to in my previous reply for more information on converting the software.

I am looking to install the latest device pack and would not like to change/upgrade exciting firmware on the registered phones.

Installing the device pack and making sure the device default have the old firmware before the device pack upgrade and then doing the restart of the call manger will it server my purpose ?

Hi Mate,

I have installed the device pack and the conversion Software cmterm-synergy-ce8_3_1_no_defaults.cop.sgn 

I can see the Cisco Telepresence DX70 in the Call manager but i am not able to convert the device from Android to CE,

As per the guide it says- make sure the DX70 has access to the internet and change the TFTP IP to 35.185.22..200 

Is there a alternate way to do this?

Did you follow all the steps:

  1. Install the Android to CE device pack cmterm-synergy-ce8_3_1_no_defaults.cop.sgn and restart TFTP server.
  2. Upgrade DX70 with sipdx70.ce831.190117.loads.
  3. Delete old Android based Cisco DX70 device from CUCM.
  4. Add new CE based TelePresence DX70 device to CUCM.

Thank you mate got it registered!
but still not able to access the Web page of the DX70 giving the same " Blue Coat" error. I am sure it has nothing to do with " Blue Coat" . i am not even able to telnet in to port 80, 22 & 443 using the device IP.
I will need to get in to the Web of the device to have it configured with the TMS.
Any help will be appreciated. 

You need enable web access, ssh access, etc on the device within CUCM, they are disabled by default.

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