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Andrew Vasel

No Movi User CDR Reports in TMS

TMS 12.6

VCS X5.1.1

Movi 4.1

We have had an open ticket with Cisco TAC for months with no real good direction except what feels like a generic guidance to upgrade TMS. Within TMS, under the Reporting -> Call Detail Record -> User CRD reports, it is my understanding that there should be a drop-down for Movi users under the device type field before running the report. My drop-down only shows all and does not include any information about Movi users when running the report with device type set to all.

Any ideas or suggestions?


In Reporting > Call detail record > User CDR at TMS 12.6.2 and 13.0.1 have Provisioning statistics, that include Movi users.

From TMS Help:

The User CDR page displays an overview of user activity.  User activity statistics are collected from the Cisco VCS.

The information can be filtered by

  • Date and time
  • Device Type (For example Cisco E20, Movi)
  • Duration (Duration of calls for each user, measured in minutes.)
  • Number of Occurrences (Number of calls)
  • Utilization (Percentage of call time used by each user.)

A Call Detail Record (CDR) is the computer record produced by a telephone exchange containing details of a call that passed through it.



Thanks for the response. So you're saying this was introduced as a new feature in 12.6.2? Is that something that was documented in the release notes? I don't remember seeing that...   

Hi Andrew,

i´m not sure if this is a new feature. I just checked two different TMSs that i have quick access...

Do you have a TMS that is still on 12.6 that does not have the Movi CDR reports?

I checked another one that is running 12.1 and also have the User CDR report.

Confirm that TMS Agent is turned on (Yes) on the VCS your checking.


I suspected that may be the case.

TMS Agent is on, and all diagnostics are successful.

Anthony Chan

I now have that same issue where there are no reports of Movi users fromthe User CDR Reports within TMS

we used to have this working but after our upgrade from TMS v12.6 to 13.1 this functionality is now not working

Upgrade done on Aug 20th so can pull records of the User CDR prior to Aug 20th

TMS 13.1

VCS 5.1.1

Movi 3.1 to 4.2


It's hard to pin down what the issue is. My vendor was thinking that it may have to do with the fact that we have multiple, unclustered, un-neighbored VCS's in our environment. At any rate, I did upgrade our test TMS environment to 13.1 and the test VCS to 6.1, and the Movi CDR reports show up there. It will be interesting to see what happens when we upgrade our production environment.

Anthony Chan

have upgrade our VCS Control and VCS Expressway to v6.1 just today

Tried to pull the USER CDR again after Aug 20th and nothing show up after our upgrade

TMS v13.1

VCS Control V6.1

VCS Expressway V6.1

Movi Users V3.1 to 4.2

do i need to wait until replication finishes?


Was on the phone with Cisco Tech, we found that the dbo.objectSystemGateCallLog table has not been updating after our TMS Upgrade

They suggested to uninstall TMS app and do a fresh install but still utilizing the existing database

Does anyone else have any other suggestions before I implement this or have come across this situation?



I would say it's worth a shot. You could also go up to 13.1.1 while you're at it too.

One thing i noticed with our TMS13.1 (and X7) is that TMS changes (even if "secure only management" is not set),

the communication to https on the VCS.

I would recomend checking on: https:///externalmanager

if the state is active.

if it is not active its no surpise that movi cdrs are not showing up.

Workarounds I currentlly see:

* activate https on the TMS (I would recomend that anyhow)

* check that the firewall towards your tms allows https

* disable "enforce management settings"

I had also heard that if you use ipv6 tms adds a wrong format for the ip, .....


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On the VCS it was set to https but it failed, so changed it to http and is now active (has been up for one whole day)

disabled the "enforce management settings"

dont know why it would not allow https to work since both boxes are within the same VLAN so it is not going thru a firewall

Martin when you indicated above to activate https on the TMS, where is that on v13.1?

from previous version on the VCS the external manager only had http and was working fine but now with the new version wonder it has two opions - http and https and by default is https.  http should still be working but in TMS I am still not getting any results from the User CDR



We run 13.1 and in theory enabling https should do the trick, at least it did for some other tests I did.

If you have your own Win Server + IIS install you would most likely have to enable port 443 / https

and if you use the windows firewall also allow the traffic.

Anyhow, on our own production TMS 13.1 which runs on a Win2003 Server it did not do the trick, as the

in general nice working https service does not work for the VCS.

We have a TAC case open which I need to do a capture of the failing connection.

So I would test if you can connect from an other system in the same network to https:///tms/ if not

check your firewall, if you can you might be affected by our issue as well.

As the VCS is not sending a feedback for the calls (like movi) this issue could cause the missing CDRs.

Setting it to http + disable the enforce management settings or if https works using https look like the workarounds.

If you have the connection up and wait a bit and you still do not see an improvement there might be an additional bug.


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